Hair dryer offers cure for bug bites

Everyone who lives in the country has had their share of bug bites, but bugs find me especially attractive. I can’t go outside and not be bitten by something. I’m somewhat used to having a bug bite or two, but recently I had a major reaction to bug bites.

I was in the barn clipping some long hair off my mini horses when I felt something bite me on my back. I felt the bug viciously bite me a few more times, but I tried to continue with my work. I remember the bites being painful, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

After I finished my work, I returned to the house and looked in the mirror so I could see the damage from the attack. I was horrified to find a series of bites and a very red and angry looking space on my back that was approximately 6 inches by 4 inches.

The bite didn’t really start to bother me for a few hours, but then it started to itch like crazy. I tried topical treatments and Benadryl and ice packs. Nothing was working and the swelling was spreading. The bite and reaction were so severe that my husband was suggesting a trip to an urgent care office.

Despite the discomfort, I was trying to delay a visit to a physician until I could go to my own doctor, but the wait was starting to become too much to bear, and by that time the urgent care offices in our area were closed.

In desperation, I started searching the web for bug bite remedies. Finally, I found a web site suggesting using a hair dryer to heat up the affected area:

I was so desperate I was ready to try anything. After three treatments of about 45 seconds a piece within a 3-hour period, the redness was almost completely gone and the swelling was subsiding. By the next day, there was minor itching, but the swelling and redness was totally gone. A few more treatments with the hair dryer that day dramatically improved the bite area to the point it barely bothered me.

Be careful not to hurt or burn yourself, and note that neither I nor the author of the post suggesting this treatment are doctors, but if you happen to taste especially good to bugs as I do, I can tell you that the heat from a hair dryer worked for me and saved me a trip to the doctor’s office.

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  1. Greatest advice ever. My itching lasted several days. The hair dryer stopped the icthing and the swelling from the bites subsided. Be careful not to burn yourself.

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