John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Aug. 12

“We got 1.8 inches this week. Soybeans look really good and the rain was crucial. Our corn crop is pretty well done. If we got another rain next week we might add some test weight. The corn looks pretty good out there. We have been a shade cooler, but our double-crops are growing well. I would be worried if we had a late September frost, though.

“The rain really helped the double-crop beans and we are really pleased with the crops. Right now we are mowing and spraying ditch banks. The crops are growing well and the weeds are growing pretty well too.

“We’re going to keep wheat in our rotation. With good management we can get fairly consistent high yields and then when you couple that with double-cropping, wheat makes financial sense and gives us the rotation we want.  It was a good crop for us this year, but it was difficult to harvest. We try to keep wheat on 10% to 15% of our acres.

“I am pretty well forward contracted on corn, which makes me happy. We are optimistic going into this fall. We’re probably only 30 days away from shelling our earliest corn. I am feeling pretty good about our prospects at this point in time.”


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