John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Aug. 26

“We have had some pretty decent rain in August. We could use another rain any time for the soybeans, but I think the corn is pretty well done.  At some point in time I will go out and do some pod counts. We’ll probably have some corn that will be ready to go in maybe two or two and a half weeks.

“Our beans were planted in good time. I don’t think we are really at risk for an early frost and I don’t think late maturity is a big concern. Now, for our double-crops, I’d like to see a later frost.

“Our beans down here usually start to turn around Sept. 5, but every year is different. I think there is a chance for some rain and more heat this week and I think that will push things along pretty rapidly.

“I think we have been able to avoid most of the insect issues. Once things dry out and warm up, I think any fungal issues will be taken care of. We did spray some of our corn and soybeans with fungicide and we’ll do a few checks on those yields to see how it worked.”

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