Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 12

“What happened to August? We went from July to September. It is supposed to warm up here for a couple of days, but then get cool again toward the end of the week. I think we are looking at a later harvest because of this cool weather we have been having. It really set the corn and the beans back. We sprayed our beans with fungicides. I have beans waist high and podded from the top to the bottom and the corn looks super good. I don’t know how it could look better.

“The hay price is holding strong but making hay is a disaster now because we can’t get enough drying time. There is not much good quality to be found out there. We have half of the third cutting made but we are having trouble getting it dried. We need sun and we’re not getting it. The yield of the hay is there but we can’t get the weather for it. We need sun and heat.

“We had 1.1 inches last week and that was a blessing. We are just adequate with rain, right at what we need. If it stays damp we could see white mold in beans and mold problems in the corn too. We might have some great yields out there but we don’t have the harvest in yet.

“We chopped the end of August last year and that is not happening this year. We are still a long way until fall.”

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