Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Aug. 26

“We had over an inch of rain last Thursday and it has been hard to make hay but everything else just looks as great as can be. We’re on fourth cutting with the hay and it has been hard to dry with the cloudy weather and damp days. The trees started to turn the first of August and that is very unusual. There are a lot of trees already turning around here.

“I don’t know that I have ever seen better corn in this area. It is dark green and hasn’t showed any signs of dryness or changing color unless it is running out of nitrogen. The beans are still filling yet. We have gotten 2.2 inches of rain in August and that is just right.

“We have not found any signs of serious bug problems. We put wheat in after we chop corn so we’re going to get on that as soon as the corn gets chopped. With these late soybeans that aren’t going to come off in time, there could be problems with planting wheat. If we don’t get wheat in by the second week of October it is pretty hard to get much growth on it.

“A year ago this time we were filling the silo and we aren’t even thinking about that yet. This corn has a long ways to go. We went from July to September weather and that is hurting us now. They are calling for a 30% to 40% chance of rain this week and it is cloudy.

“We usually are working on silage around Sept. 15. With the year we had last year there are a lot of guys running low on silage and they need to get some chopped. I think there are going to be a lot of dryers running this fall.”

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