New Larger Model 730 Unverferth Wagon

 A High-Capacity Ride for High-Quality Grain: Unverferth Announces new 750-Bushel-Capacity Grain Wagon

 Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc. announces the introduction of a new 750-bushel capacity grain wagon to its lineup of high-capacity grain wagons. The Unverferth model 730 also features a newly designed unloading chute with a self-locking, spring-loaded latching mechanism for ease of use.

The chute is equipped with a center-dump deflector for pit unloading and is height adjustable from 15 inches to 18 inches. There is also a metering door which makes it easy for opening and taking grain samples. Steep-sloped walls result in fast and complete unloading, up to 750 bushels in 110 seconds.

The model 730 Unverferth grain wagon is specifically designed with integral pull-through hitch to be pulled in tandem when fully loaded and features easy connections for linking multiple units. Standard equipment includes four-wheel, surge-activated brakes which automatically disengage during backing.

The model 730 also features the patented UltraSteer chassis design which allows the wagon to be turned in a 40 percent tighter radius than traditional wagons. Torsion bar suspension and extra-wide 42-inch runner spacings keep the wagon level and stable, even when traveling against rows.  One-piece unitized sidewall construction and the flame-cut one-piece end supports increase strength and capacity of Unverferth grain wagons.

The unloading door’s rack-and-pinion mechanism with gear reduction allows for easy door opening, even when the box is full. There’s also a high-intensity halogen lamp located above the unloading door for making nighttime unloading as bright as high noon.

The model 730 wagon is available in a choice of baked-on tractor red or green and silicone-sealed seams for a long-lasting, automotive-like finish.  Wagons that unload on the left side are standard. Right-side unloading is available as an option. Accessories include rollover tarp and fenders with side marker lights for protecting the finish from gravel and road debris.

See your nearest Unverferth dealer today for complete details on all Unverferth grain wagons, visit the Unverferth website at or call 1-800-322-6301.

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