Northwest Ohio cooperatives merge

The Blanchard Valley Farmers Cooperative and Deshler Farmers Elevator Company have agreed to merge their two agricultural cooperatives.

Work has started on determining how to best merge the operations under the name of Legacy Farmers Cooperative on March 1, 2014. The new company will initially operate under and 15-member board of directors and move to a nine-member board by 2017. The new president and CEO will be Mark Sunderman, who currently serves as president of Deshler Farmers Elevator Company. Mike Tobe, the current Agronomy Division Manager at Blanchard Valley Farmers Cooperative, will serve as vice president and agronomy manager.

“This merger will ensure an extremely positive future for both cooperatives, their stock holders and customers,” said Jerry Silveus, Blanchard Valley Farmers Cooperative general manager. “I sincerely believe that the combined boards of directors have chosen the right management team going forward and am very confident that the new CEO/president Mark Sunderman and vice president and agronomy manager Mike Tobe will not miss a beat as they work to grow this cooperative to the next level of success.”

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