Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Aug. 12

“I have some corn I wish I would have sold a month ago that we’re going to get cleaned out of the bin. I found a few aphids in the beans and we’re right on the edge of whether we need to spray or not. We aren’t sure if we should put more money into these beans. They got hurt by too much water and they are short and yellow. They seem to have stopped growing. We tried spraying a little 28% on some beans. They put on some additional growth, but it may have been a waste of money too.

“I have quite a bit of hope for the corn. It is 10 feet tall and solid green. There are some wet holes with a little nitrogen deficiency, but in general it doesn’t hardly seem like it has had a bad day. There are ears that are 16 and 18 kernels around and I planted 36,000 population. It looks like it could be one of the best corn yields I am ever going to have.

“I am probably going to lose some of that in my drying bill. It also looks like it could be a good year for vomitoxin and hopefully we can dodge that. I think the corn is pretty well made.

“It would be nice to get some showers here or there for the beans just to keep things going, but I don’t need any goose-drowners either.”

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