Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Aug. 26

“We got a little over an inch of rain last week. We were getting a little dry, but I am not happy I have to mow grass again, though I was glad to get the rain. I am driving around this morning looking at corn fields and I am pretty excited. Things look pretty good. It looks like it is going to be a good year.

“I think the beans are going to be closer to average than what I was thinking they would be. They have greened back up and they are still putting pods on. I hope we have a late frost so they can die naturally. I don’t think we will be cutting any beans in September. I don’t see them getting ready before then.

I think the cool weather has pushed the corn back a little and has lengthened the growing season. We will get enough heat to make a crop. It may cost a little more in propane, but I think we’ll be alright.

“The water stress we’ve had is a problem. Most of my beans are not more than knee high but the nodes are close together. They have had so much stress this year I think we need a long growing season to get them through.  We did end up spraying for aphids a couple of weeks ago. As fast as the aphids were populating I thought we had better spray.

“Generally things are looking pretty good in the area. The southeastern part of Hardin County got hit hard with rain early in the season, but I think in general most everybody is pretty happy with their corn.”

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