Perfecta Models 10, 12 and 14 Field Cultivator

Unverferth Announces Perfecta® II Field Cultivator Models 10, 12 and 14 for Greater Field Efficiency

Unverferth Manufacturing Company, Inc. announces the introduction of the Perfecta® Field Cultivator models 10, 12 and 14. Each model features:  (1) specially designed S-tine shanks and shovels to meet specific tillage needs, (2) a tool-free, spring-pressure adjustable leveling bar for convenient tailoring of the desired soil finish, and (3) the Rolling Harrow® baskets which follow the leveling bar are equipped with triple-lip protected, heavy-duty shielded bearings for trouble-free operation in high-residue environments.

The Perfecta field cultivator allows growers to save fuel and time by tilling, leveling and finishing in a single pass. It’s constructed with a heavy-duty, four-bar frame for added durability with three rows of staggered, high-clearance S-tines for full-width tillage. Superior residue flow is ensured with an underframe clearance of 20” and tine spacing of 18” side-to-side and 20” front-to-rear, resulting in a 6” overall spacing.

The Perfecta model 10 features standard 1-1/4-inch by ½-inch S-tines with 2¾-inch goosefoot shovels for effective soil finishing in previously worked soils. The model 12 is equipped with 1-3/4-inch by 1/2 -inch heavy-duty S-tines with 4-inch sweeps for effective penetration in heavier, unworked soils and rocky conditions. Heavy-duty, edge-bent S-tines are standard on the model 14. Edge-bent tines feature 7-inch sweeps for working in the toughest soils for maximum tillage and consistent depth.

The leveling bar, equipped with the grower’s choice of straight spiked teeth, or round diagonal teeth, knocks down ridges and breaks clods. The tool-free spring downpressure adjustment allows the user to quickly and easily tailor the tool to meet the soil finishing needs.

The aggressive, Unverferth 12”-diameter Rolling Harrow baskets which follow the leveling bar to complete the tillage trip are equipped with heavy-duty 3-bolt bearings with pressed-on shield and triple-lip seals.  These patent-pending bearings resist dirt and trash contamination in high-residue environments for added life. The baskets also feature a full-width solid steel 1” center shaft for added durability.

The baskets knock dirt from weed roots, leaving them on the surface to wilt and die. The end result is a near-perfect seedbed with finer soil particles beneath the surface for optimum seed-to-soil contact and coarser material on top to resist crusting and erosion.

The Perfecta Field Cultivator is available with a powder-coat finish of red or green and is ideal for row-crop, orchard, vineyard, track and arena grooming and a multitude of other tillage applications.

See your nearest Unverferth dealer today for complete details on the Perfecta Field Cultivator and the complete line of Unverferth tillage tools, visit the Unverferth website at or call 1-800-322-6301.


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