John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Sept. 23

“We are more than half done with corn. We have been hitting it pretty hard. We’re seeing corn between 175 and 200 bushels, some a little better than that. I haven’t calculated what whole fields have made. Where there was too much water and emergence issues early in the season, that will play a role in lowering some of the fields’ yields. We haven’t harvested any beans yet. We are trying to take advantage of some of the early basis with corn. Hopefully we’ll be into beans Wednesday or Thursday. Then I won’t plant wheat until the first of October.

“Friday we had 1.7 inches of rain. We are minimum till on our corn ground. We tried on Sunday afternoon and it was amazing how dry the ground was. We really did need the rain. It was beneficial to get the ground ready for the wheat and it will still help the double-crop beans fill. I assume we will have fairly decent double-crops, depending on the first heavy frost.

“I was thinking our yields would end up between 140 and 170, but now it looks like 160 to 200 will account for a lot of corn in our area. There will be some corn that is above 200 bushels. We’re 22% to 27% moisture in the corn.

“The basis is strong and that goes to show what ethanol has done for corn demand in Ohio. The checkoff dollars really helped fund the ethanol research many years ago and that has helped make the basis really strong. We were hauling in corn for a $1.50-plus basis and we are still hauling in right now at a 20- or 30-cent basis. I am taking most of my corn straight in. They are also offering some drying incentives.”

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