Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Sept. 9

“It just looks great. We got about three tenths of an inch of rain on Labor Day, which should be enough to finish the crops. I’ve talked to guys in other areas that are hurting bad.

“Harvest is still a long ways off. Some of the corn is just getting past the milk stage. Silage corn could maybe get started the first part of next week. We have to fill three silos and that will take maybe 70 acres. We already started chopping corn. It will take a lot less acres because the corn is so good. We were doing yield checks and we have been consistently getting 240 or 260 or 270. We did a quick check at a couple of rows where we planted at 60,000 population and it was 356 bushels per acre. It wouldn’t stand well though because the stalks were so small, but we had 59 ears in 17.5 feet. We already chopped that. It was very green, but boy did it ever pile up.

“Beans are looking really good. Some of them are still podding yet. Some are just starting to drop leaves. I think harvest is a good three weeks away for us.

“We took a look at the crops from the helicopter the other day and the crops are looking really good. We did see some flooded out areas west of Wooster and some corn that needs nitrogen.

“We’re about two weeks away from making some fifth cutting hay. It looks like the quantity will be good on the fifth crop, but it has been hard to get it made with the cloudy weather.

“We’ll plant the same wheat acres we plant every year to put manure on in the summer and do some hay seedings on. They hay seeding I put out two weeks ago is looking really good. It got an inch of rain and it looks super.”


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