Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Sept. 23

“We flew on some cereal rye last week and it was nice to get a couple of inches of rain Friday night that really helped it.  We’re probably still a couple of weeks away from cutting beans. I have been thinking about trying some corn to make sure the dryer is working right.

“The neighbor to the south of me has shelled around 300 acres that was at just under 25% moisture. It was an earlier variety and they had some contracts to fill.

The rain was not going to help any of the crops up here, other than the cover crops.

“Weeds are not a problem for me. There are ways to control them, but it costs a little more money. We have to work on controlling some of these hard to control weeds. “Fall spraying is a really good way of controlling that. The cereal rye really helps a lot, in my opinion. We are spraying Banvel and 2,4-D this fall in all of the corn stalks with no Roundup because that will kill the rye. As soon as corn is shelled we will start spraying and do that hopefully again in the spring.

“We really have get everybody looking at their chemical programs and fall applications are pretty important things to do. And, wherever we have a good stand of rye, we just do not see the weed pressure.

“I had a good time at Farm Science Review and I didn’t hardly spend any money. So that was good. I am anxious to get in the fields but I don’t want to push the issue too much and get a bunch of 30% moisture corn and paying the gas bill to get it dried.  We are ready to roll when the weather cooperates and the crops are ready.”

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