Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Sept. 9

“I am just cleaning up at the Hardin County Fair. The weather was great and the kids got paid pretty well, so I think it went alright.

“Two weeks ago we got an inch of rain or so, but we haven’t really gotten much rain since. If we got a rain, some of these later beans could use it, but I think now we’re in the last stretch and things are finishing up.

“There were people at the fair saying their beans were changing. I am wondering if that is some SDS showing up, because I haven’t seen any of my fields changing much yet. I think we’ll shell corn before we cut beans, but a lot of that depends on the weather.

“It will be a big harvest and a lot will depend on how we can get rid of the crop too. I hope it is not a late harvest.

“There are still a lot of guys really crying from water damage they had early on. They are looking at 30 inches of rain from planting until now and they were swamped. It was so wet that some guys could not even get their additional nitrogen put on. They are only looking at 70- and 80-bushel corn yields. It all depends on where you were at. That one strip through there got a bunch of rain and if you go a little further south to Marysville, things start looking good again.

“The county Extension agent had a western bean cutworm moth trap in one of my fields and didn’t find a single moth all season long. That made me feel good that we don’t have to worry about that yet.

“We found some pretty phenomenal yields doing yield checks, but I am still not sharing them yet. If it is as good as I think it is, it could be one of the best corn yields we’ve ever had and it could be hard to top in the future.”

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