Some goals met, loftier ones set by CFAES Dean

No one said it would be easy to fill the shoes of the former Dean of Ohio State’s College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Current Dean Bruce

 Bruce McPheron
Bruce McPheron

McPheron knew that when he came in to replace Bobby Moser one year ago.

McPheron had a vision when he first came back to Ohio State from Penn State of what he would like to see happen in the short term and long term at the college. After his first year, he said progress is being made.

“We’ve made great progress towards some of the critical issues,” McPheron said. “The facilities issues really hit you in the face. There are a lot of improvements that are necessary and there are projects that will take a decade or two to complete in terms of thinking about a new ag campus.”

McPheron said there will be action and prioritization with tangible plans in the upcoming year. The need to think long-term is due to the fact that of the 300 buildings at Ohio State, 100 of them are managed by CFAES.

As McPheron found his footing as the new Dean, he likened his college as a Rubik’s cube. Once the mixed colors on all six sides of the cube are put together, it becomes a real show piece.

“Bobby Moser truly left a legacy and the bones of this college are solid,” McPheron said. “But he would even acknowledge that there are things on the horizon that we need to achieve. That is a matter of recognizing all of the different mixed pieces and parts and sorting them in a way that will help the greater good and solve problems for society.”

The one characteristic that will not change for years to come, despite the technology available, is the use of hands on experiences for students.

“I don’t think we can train students effectively without giving them a blend,” McPheron said. “We have to take advantage of using novel technologies as learning tools that current students are comfortable with, but you can’t learn how to do agriculture without being in the field, barn or laboratory and we have to continue to emphasize that philosophy.”

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