The Weekly Corn Belt Update {September 16th, 2013}


The Snapshot Tour is hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities. This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across  locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

The crops in the NW region of Ohio can be drawn into two areas in regards to moisture:  Draw a line from Lansing, MI down to Toledo and go west and the crops simply do not look as good. Go east of that line and the crops are better.  The better yields for beans will be early, and for corn the better yields will likely be the later corn.  The corn is still very wet, with those taking advantage of early premiums seeing yields of 190-250.  With those premiums fading rapidly, corn harvest will slow.  20% of the bean will be ready to run by late next week.

Henderson, KY

Only a handful of producers are shelling at this time.  On a trip over to St. Louis and back it was not hard to find fields that had been shelled.  Right now everybody is happy with corn yields, as they all have a “2” in front of them.  The beans are still questionable but the rain they received last weekend was critical so producers remain optimistic.

Greenville, OH

Harvest has started in the area due to premiums and drying discounts offered at the local ethanol plant.  Early yield reports are 180-220+, with moisture ranging from 20-30%.  Test weights are a little light and not surprising due to the lack of timely rains in August and September.  50-55 seems to  be the average reports.  Beans run west of Columbus OH in the Urbana area are running 60+ for 2.7’s.  Overall producers are very pleased with yields so far.  Most area received a half inch or less on the front that moved through and the forecast is dry, so harvest will continue to ramp up.  Basis faded greatly so corn will go in the bin or focus on beans. The Farm Science Review runs Tuesday through Thursday this week.  Visit us with your yields at 135 Corn Avenue.

Logansport, IN

The Logansport area received over an inch yesterday, and combined with the rains received last weekend has given a much needed boost to the bean crop.  Harvest has started and early yields are 160-200+ and producers are quite pleased.  Beans are dropping leaves and turning quickly.  Next week should be a big bean receipt week.  Stay tuned.

Champaign, ILL

Corn moisture is coming down, but still running in the upper 20’s / lower 30’s. Some corn is being harvested, as elevators are offering incentives for early shipment corn. But those premiums are going away quickly, and without those incentives, most farmers will wait for corn to dry down naturally in the field, so harvest activity will be relatively slow next week. It should really get going towards the end of September. Corn yields will be good in the southern part of the state and the eastern part of the state (areas that received rainfall in August), but yields will go down as you move north and west. Illinois will probably average 169 bpa statewide. Test weights have been 52 to 54 pounds thus far, a little light, but with less than 3% harvested, it is too soon to say that this will be a trend.  Pod counts are down dramatically, and August was dry in much of the state, so soybean yields may be lower than what most are thinking.

Peoria ILL

The Camp Grove  area has many farmers starting corn in order meet delivery obligations to ethanol plants and capture a rapidly fading cash inverse. Most early corn yields right around 200 bpa +/-…..moisture around 27%….not a lot done yet…just getting started

Bird Island, MN

The west central part of Minnesota continues to be dry.  While they still do not want an early frost, corn is maturing and beans are starting to turn. Sllage and edible beans are harvested. 

Anselmo , NE

Dryland bean harvest has begun. Low yields as anticipated (20-25bu). Dry corn starting to be shelled in the southern part of the state, yields in the 80-100bu range. 

Silage chopping is  still taking place and, will be done in next two weeks. Area have had a few rains this last week, will continue to welcome any moisture to help with test weights and finish what good beans are left. 

.Sheldon, IA

Northwest Iowa has been fortunate to get timely rains. As a result, producers are pretty optimistic that they will see excellent yields in the corn.  Silage harvest has started, so corn harvest is not far behind.  No one is really hitting it yet.  30% of the beans are starting to show signs of turning.  They do not think that the crop got hurt at all this past week.  Producers are optimistic they have a pretty good crop.

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