The Weekly Corn Belt Update {September 23rd, 2013}


The Snapshot Tour is hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities. This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across  locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

The NW Ohio region will see harvest go “wide open” this week, with the emphasis likely on beans.  They did not receive as much as areas to the south.  Stay tuned for yield reports.  Some of the better crops in Ohio may well come from this part of Ohio.

Henderson, KY

Corn and bean harvest are underway.  Virtually all of the yields with corn have been ranging in the 200+ bushel area.  Considerable progress will occur as there is no rain in the forecast til the weekend.

Greenville, OH

Harvest will get in full gear this week, as no rain is forecast until Sunday, and then only a 30% chance. The northwestern part of the county saw especially dry conditions in July  to September, and producers are hoping for a 160-175 in those areas.  Early reports are encouraging as some of those areas are reporting  206-210.  Bean harvest will run wide open this week.  Early bean yields will likely out produce the later ones.  The local ethanol plant is taking corn with drying discounts and will motivate producers to get started even if moisture is in the low 20%’s. Areas south of Lima and east of 75 received rainfall amounts of 2-3”.  (4 weeks late….)

Champaign, ILL

The Champaign area will be in full harvest mode.  Early yield reports are in the 200 range, with moisture at 19-21%.  Some beans run have gone 60.1 but are expected to decline the further they get into harvest.  Most other beans are still at least a week away, but with windy and dry conditions this week that could move up.  Stay tuned for interesting yields.  They had a couple tenths of rain last weekend.

Peoria ILL

The Camp Grove area will see harvest get off to a good start this week as conditions look very favorable for a good run at harvest.   They had received no rain yet as of Friday and should be able to make good progress this week.

Bird Island, MN

Early corn is just getting started.  Beans are at least a week away.  Minnesota will have yields all over the map.  Some of the hardest hit counties in the corn belt were in southeastern MN and took pp.


Anselmo , NE

Dry land harvest continues.  They were seeing rain today which was enough to keep producers out of the field.  They will continue picking wet corn this week.  More and more dry land beans are coming off.  Outlook is for temps in the mid 70’s and windy which will help with dry down.

.Sheldon, IA

The Sheldon, IA region has been pretty fortunate all year.  They got some timely rains.  However if you go 40 miles east or west, they have not been so fortunate. Yields there may only reach 120.  The Sheldon area may easily see yields go 200+.  They are just barely started on early corn and beans are a week away.

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