The Weekly Corn Belt Update {September 9th, 2013}


The Snapshot Tour is hosted by Jay Calhoun of Colgan Commodities. This is a daily update on crop and weather conditions across  locations in the Corn Belt.  Listen to the audio report in full by visiting and clicking on the audio tab.

Maumee, Ohio

The NW Ohio and SE Michigan parts of the eastern corn belt have continued to receive the perfect weather this season.  As this report goes to press, both the Toledo area and SE-SC Michigan are getting a beautiful rain.  Didn’t I start last week’s report off the same way?  #Envious again this week.  Likely some of the best yields will be reported  in NW Ohio.  Stay tuned.

Henderson, KY

Early corn harvest is under way.  All yields reported so far having a “2” in front of them and producers are vey pleased.  They are dry, and the concern is the beans.  Top yields are definitely gone, and it is almost too late now for any beneficial rains.

Greenville, OH

The corn crop is now pretty much past any point of receiving benefits from rain.  Is it too late for beans as well now?  Maybe not, and mid-week looks like our only chance for any moisture, and we will take it.  The best guess of top yields for beans is likely going to top out in the 40’s when taking into account the high heat and dry weather that is expected in the next few days.  Reports on corn silage are yields ranging from 135-200.  One of the first fields harvested in western Darke county averaged 130 bpa and a TW of only 51.  #notsogood.  There will be higher yields to come, especially in the southeastern part of the county.

Logansport, IN

The biggest concern is, like the majority of the corn belt, the toll that heat and lack of sufficient moisture is taking in the beans.  The corn crop is at the point where it is “matured” and it is still not too late perhaps yet this week for some good rains to help later beans.  Stay tuned.

Champaign, ILL

Another hot dry week for Illinois last week, with 20% of the state receiving rain over the weekend (primarily in west-central Illinois). A week earlier, another 20% of the state received rain (east-central Illinois that time). Overall, about 2/3 of the state has had very little rain for the past 4 to 5 weeks. Southern Illinois received some rain in the first half of August, and almost all of the state received good rains in July, so corn yields will be above average (but not as good as what we were expecting a month ago).. Bean yields are the big concern. Yields are slipping every day. Very little rain in the forecast this week, and the hot weather is causing corn and beans to mature rapidly. Some corn is being harvested in the southern part of the state. (Good yields being reported thus far).


Peoria ILL

Our reporter hails from Camp Grove which is NW of Peoria. A localized are received 2-4” of rain in an oblong path from Galesburg to Jacksonville Ill.  Corn yields of an overall farm average of at leat 200 bpa are expected. 

Bird Island, MN

The west central part of Minnesota continues to be dry.  While they still do not want an early frost, corn is maturing and beans are starting to turn.

Anselmo , NE

The region around Anselmo received quite a damaging hail storm last week. It was very disappointing to have at this late stage on such a good corn crop  The crop that did not get decimated still looks good.  The dry land corn is still looking to average 70-90 bpa which is very good for non-irrigated corn.  They will continue to run the pivots at least another week to get as much TW as they can out of the corn.  Yields of 200+ are expected for that corn.

.Sheldon, IA

NW Iowa is going to have an excellent corn crop.  I daresay I actually heard our reporter share that producers had stopped in and shared that in walking through fields reports of 300 bpa looks very possible.  Stay tuned, as they are at least two weeks out from harvest.  The beans however have taken a hit and yields look to be in the 40’s.  They were simply planted much later this spring, and do not want an early frost. 

Are we looking at a big corn crop?  Basis took a big drop at the Quad Cities over the weekend, and the barges are headed north out of Louisiana!  Common reports of 225+ in Louisiana and Mississippi. 

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