Doug Longfellow, Darke County, Oct. 7

“Our drought conditions are over. We got between 2.5 and 3 inches of rain from Friday through Sunday. We were making good progress. We finished beans on Sept. 27. Usually it is the first couple of days in October when we finish. We planted them early and they dried down well. We had some high 40s and some over 60 bushels. We ended up about 12 bushels better than average and we were really tickled with that. In our area the range is 45 bushels on the rougher soils on up to the high 60s in better fields. There was a huge range.

“The beans would test 11% or 12% on moisture, but we were running leaves and stems through the combine. The beans that were dry that died prematurely were shattering at the sickle.

“We seeded another 200 acres of cover crops and they are all up and that has worked out well before the rain. We have about 175 acres of corn done. The moisture was 17% to 22% on 107- to 110-day maturities. It looks like we will be 20 bushels better than average on that. We were really pleased how the corn survived the conditions. We can’t imagine what yields would have been if we would have gotten some more rain.

“The rains were so spotty you could make a case for almost any corn yield depending on where you were. In eastern Darke County and into Miami County, yields are well over 200. In western Darke County yields are 150 to 170. I think Ohio is going to have a big corn crop. Harvest has not yet gotten in full swing in this area. It is muddy here now and that rain put the brakes on harvest for sure. There is still a lot of work to be done here.”

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