Funding available for water quality and nutrient management outreach

Funding assistance is still available for organizations interested in hosting meetings to educate farmers on two of the most pressing issues currently facing Ohio agriculture — water quality and nutrient management. The funding is available through the Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC).

“Water quality and nutrient management issues are far-reaching and affect all farmers, farm managers and anyone who buys, sells or manages manure or uses fertilizer,” said David White, OLC executive director. White said that OLC created the funding mechanism as a way to provide financial assistance to organizations seeking to educate farmers on these topics. Organizations are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity while funds are available.

To apply for funding, an intent form must be submitted to OLC at least 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Applicants’ intent forms must demonstrate how the meeting will educate attendees on water quality and nutrient management issues, including:

  • Promoting the 4Rs of nutrient management;
  • Impact of nutrients on water quality;
  • Promoting the use of best management practices (BMPs);
  • Availability of cost share programs to address this specific issue;
  • The benefits of using manure as a nutrient and its role in water quality;
  • Voluntary action vs. regulatory action; and
  • Developing trust with the public regarding this issue.

OLC will reimburse up to $10/person attending, with a maximum total reimbursement of $500 for hosting an educational water quality and nutrient management meeting. Following the meeting, funding recipients must submit a report form, provided by OLC, within 30 days to report the results of the event and how the funding was used.

To learn more about this opportunity, as well as to obtain intent and report forms, visit OLC’s website at

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