John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Oct. 7

“This would have been a beautiful rain on the first of August. We got just shy of 3 inches. I would guess we are out until at least the weekend unless we get some sunshine.

“We did get our wheat in and it is coming up. We generally plant wheat in our drier soils so I don’t think we’ll have ponding in our wheat ground. We did have pretty healthy wind yesterday and I don’t know if that blew any corn down or not.

“We probably have about 25% of our corn to harvest yet. We’re half done with beans. There are still a lot of crops to come off around here yet. We’re probably a little ahead with corn because we were able to harvest pretty early.  I am guessing people in the area are 25% to 40% done with soybeans.

“There are some green stem beans, especially in some of the drier soils where they may have died early. It is really tough to run late at night. When the sun goes down they toughen up in a hurry. We drop the miles per hour quite a bit as we get later into the evening.

“I think the bean plants were actually pretty healthy. No one is complaining about green stems if there are the yields to go with it. Our beans have been 46 or 48 and some fields go 62 or 63. I would guess we would be in 50- to 60-bushel range overall.

“The corn yield will fall somewhere between 160 and 180 for an overall average. There was some corn a lot better than that and there was some that wasn’t that good. We have been pushing hard, though, and I was concentrating on keeping equipment running and not on the yield averages or paperwork.

“I am pretty satisfied with the yields were are seeing. People may forget that when we were planting corn we had some heavy rains and some emergence issues. There are some surprises in the corn fields as the soils vary. There was corn hurt by the moisture early in the season, but overall I am happy with the corn yields.

“My double crops have started to yellow. I am guessing they will be decent and were well worth planting.”

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