Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Oct. 28

“The last two weeks have been cloudy and drizzly and it has not been good going. The wheat we planted after corn silage is looking great. The wheat we planted two weeks ago when the ground was a little heavier is not doing so well. This week is supposed to be warmer and that will help the wheat.

“We have done a few acres of high moisture corn that we are putting right in the silo. We grind most of our corn — the cob and ear and all — for feed.  All our corn goes through the cattle. It is really good corn but we don’t know what yields are because it is going right in the silo. We are half done with beans and I would guess we are in the high 50s and low 60s for yields so far. We harvested our test plot today and it averaged 86.8 bushels per acres in our really good dirt.

“I think everybody else is in the same boat around here. There is a lot of corn silage in this area so that is all off but there is not a lot of grain corn harvested yet. The cool weather in August I think hurt the beans a little on yield, but the beans are doing well.

“Hay brought $500 a ton at the sale the other day. What kind of animal do you feed $500 hay? We don’t sell any hay until the spring after we know how much we need for the winter.

“The weed control has been great this year. There are some winter annuals coming on but the corn and beans we have been through are just as clean as can be.”

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