Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Oct. 7

“We had 2.7 inches of rain. It was just getting ready to go for corn and beans and it turned wet. We’re ready to go as soon as the weather cooperates. There has only been a very small amount of corn and beans done around here. The bean yields I have heard have been 40 to 67 bushels for averages.

“We’re done with silage and it took 30% less corn than it did last year. When you chopped the corn it was just awesome. There is some good corn out there.

“We finished up with fifth cutting hay and it was some of the nicest fifth cutting we’ve done in a long time. We had beautiful weather for it 2 weeks ago. The weather could not have been better. You don’t have much sunlight to work with this time of year and you have to be ready.

“Our beans are still looking really good, but I bet we can’t do anything until at least Thursday. The fields are smeary now, but we have good drainage so that will help.

I am really anxious to get in the corn too.

“We got the wheat planted after the corn we chopped and it was up within five days. It looks really good.”

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