Horses wait for their turn to drive before the hitch committee, which evaluates the soundness/drivability of all driving horses entered in the sale.

Mt. Hope Fall 2013 Draft Horse Sale

What can I say? I couldn’t stand to miss another sale so I decided to make the trip to Mt. Hope for the Mid-Ohio Fall Draft Horse Sale. As always, it was a sight and experience to behold.

The number of horses entered in the sale seemed to out-number sales I had attended in the past. Horses were tied in stalls in all the barns, in tents and stalls were even set up out in the open without a tent to cover them.  I had never seen that before. Not to mention the horses that were tied in every possible space in the old barn.

It is hard to really truly get an idea of what the sale is like without being there. Since I had some friends selling horses this time, I decided to video as they walked their horses back to their assigned stalls in the barn after hitching them. The video is shaky because we were walking but it gives you an idea. Actually, this trip was calmer than normal because often horses are going both directions in the aisle while people are trying to walk through at the same time.

As long as everyone keeps enjoying the video and photos I take, I’ll probably keep attending the sale, because it really is a fun and very exciting experience.

Take a look at the photo gallery and video below from the sale.


  1. Hello Kim, where can I find the auction results (final sale $$/catalog) for the fall sale? Or any of the horse sales at Mt Hope? I’m beginning to look for a draft team to purchase here in Ohio but having a tough time finding the going prices…

    • Melinda,

      I have never been lucky enough to have the sale staff at Mt. Hope share the auction results with me. I would also like to have and post that information for everyone. Sometimes the Draft Horse Journal has some of that information but it is only included months after the sale is over.

      Usually, the sale staff posts the sale catalogs on their website once they are ready. They also will mail you a catalog for a few dollars.

      The next sale isn’t until June 2014 (actual dates on their site). They don’t usually put a catalog together for that sale since it is smaller but they should have a flyer on the site a week or two before that sale. For the fall sale in Oct. 2014, the new catalog will not be out until probably sometime in September.

      Check their website ( often for the sale schedule. Once they have a catalog ready information about downloading the file or ordering a catalog will be on the the schedule on a page for the draft horse sale.

      I don’t know what the sale prices where in March 2014 but I can tell you that some friends of mine sold horses at the Oct. 2013 and March 2014 sales and they were all very pleased with the prices they received for their horses. A good team is not cheap!

      Good luck.

    • Hi my name sheldon I live in Montana .I’m looking for a team of draft horses or a catalog for a will broke team

  2. THURMAN??

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