Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Oct. 7

“We’re not floating away, but we don’t need any more rain. We’ve gotten 2.5 inches and it is pretty wet. There may be more at the end of the week depending on where the hurricane goes. We should have beans ready by the time it does dry up.

“I still have the combine set for corn. We ran around 90 acres. The moisture was anything from 21% to 26%. We haven’t cut any beans. There are too many green streaks in them. We are going to put them in the bin and I don’t want any problems with them. Probably 80% of them are ready and 20% are still green. I’d hate to have any problems storing them. We still had some yellow leaves on beans last week.

“The corn is up to expectations and beyond. The corn was over 200 dry and not even in the best ground. It was some of the best corn I have ever shelled and we are just getting started. We started a couple weekends ago. I shelled some ends and this was the earliest corn I had. The ethanol plant was bidding up corn and we were able to capture that extra basis. We haven’t been full go yet.

“I have been hearing about guys who were pretty disappointed with their beans but hopefully mine are a little better because they were still green and growing when theirs died. I am hoping for average beans.

“I finally had some beans ready by Saturday, but we had that rain. We’ll cut beans when things dry up. The first bean fields are in a little wetter ground that may have gotten some more rain. It will be the end of the week before we can think about getting into anything.

“I am well behind many of my neighbors around here with beans. There are not too many who have done much corn.”

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