John Hoffman, Pickaway County, Nov. 11

“I think everyone is making really good strides. There are a lot of neighbors finishing up. I am guessing our area is 95% done on soybeans. There are still a few fields out here or there. Corn, I am guessing, is 80% or 85% done. Things are basically wrapping up around here.

“Everybody has been really happy with corn yields and pretty happy with soybeans. There have been a few fields around here in the 40s, but I have heard some guys talking about 70 bushel beans too. I am interested to see what the county and state average yields will be. Without a doubt there will be some pretty good numbers.

“We have the dry fertilizer spread and the corn stalks sprayed. All my double-crop ground has been sprayed too. Our double-crop beans were in the 30s and 40s. We had them planted pretty early and the finished up on either side of 40 bushels. “When you are double-cropping every single day has a huge impact. A lot of beans around here went in on the 10th and ours were in much earlier. It all depended on when you got your wheat off and your beans planted. The wheat stands look really nice and has a great color. We are pretty happy with how things turned out. Mother Nature was really kind this year.”

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