Louie Rehm, Wayne County, Nov. 11

“We got the beans done over the weekend, got our lime spread and a lot of manure has been hauled. We still have 80 acres of corn to left to harvest but we’re in better shape now that we got caught up on these other things. We’re running out of room because we have had a really good corn crop this year.

“We’re going to average in the upper 220s or 230s straight through. We had some fields average in the 270s and 280s. I knew it was going to be good when I was chopping and it stayed good the whole way through.

“We had test plots average 89.5-bushel beans in the test plots. We had some 102-bushel beans in the best ground. They were planted at the right time. We need to plant in the first and second week of May here and waiting to plant paid off here. The lowest beans we had were in the 50s on up to 100 bushels. When the corn emerged, it just kept going. We planted some of our best corn on May 15.

“The wheat was planted into wet conditions, which we don’t like, but it has turned out pretty good so far. We left the hay out for a cover crop and it got knee high. We had good growing conditions yet in October.

“It was a good growing season for everything. This is one of the first years I have seen where the corn was excellent, the beans were excellent, the wheat, hay, oats — everything was good all the way through. You don’t see many years like that. We were in a garden spot. We missed a few rains early this spring that really helped us and really hurt some other guys.”

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