Paul Ralston, Hardin County, Nov. 11

“I have 25 acres left to go. I had more water damage than I thought we had. We still have pretty good yields, and it may still average out to be the best year ever, but not as far above as what I thought it could have been. I think we’ll average in the 160- or 170- range, which would not be the best year we’ve ever had, but it is still not bad corn. We had a lot of rain there early on and in the low holes there is just not much corn there.

“The yield monitor would go from below 100 to 250. There has been a wide range this year. The well-drained fields were more consistent, but even they had some lower spots for yield. We will be on the border with whether we will capture anything from insurance due to the lower prices.

“We had one variety that was goose-necked something awful and it was a challenge. It was down a lot worse than I thought it would be and you couldn’t tell where the rows were.

“The beans did better than I thought. They averaged in the low 50s and I was thrilled to death with that. I had one neighbor who said he did well when he got 40. We did a lot of management and spent a lot of money to get those beans there, but I was pleasantly surprised with the beans this year.”

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