Wild turkey encounters

I grew up in Clark County, Ohio. Although I realize that wild turkeys do exist in the county, I don’t recall ever seeing one during the time I lived within its borders. I have lived in Morrow County for more than a decade, and I often see large groups of turkeys. It is amazing what an hour’s drive can do to change the habitat, and therefore the wildlife, that lives in it in this great state of Ohio.

During my time in Morrow County, I have seen large groups of turkeys searching for insects in fields, and I have seen them flying across the roads. Their ability to fly surprised me because I don’t spend much time in the woods and I have a general lack of knowledge about turkeys. I didn’t realize they could fly.

This past spring, I learned something else about turkeys. They are fast even on the ground. I came face to face with a turkey in my front yard when I was walking to our mailbox. I don’t live in the woods, but there are woods and farm fields on the surrounding properties. Before I had much of a chance to be surprised by his presence the turkey darted back across the road and toward the woods. He was fast!

Although this particular turkey didn’t stick around to greet me,  I often see him and his friends in the nearby farm fields. I have not spotted turkeys on my property since the spring.

I’m not generally a fan of birds, except when they are cooked up and served to me on my dinner plate, but watching these wild turkeys has forced me to think about the species a little more. These birds might not have a reputation for being bright, but I think they seem somewhat majestic as they strut across farm fields like they own the place, and they are certainly more athletic than I am.

I think the next time someone calls me a “turkey” I’ll just smile and realize they probably just mean I’m really fast and majestic. That has to be what they are thinking right?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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