Bearded broadcasters and hairy writers vie for best facial hair


We have wrapped up no-shave November and here are the hairy (and not-so-hairy results) from this unprecedented display of manliness and testosterone at our office. This first photo was taken in early November.


Notice in the before picture that Joel Penhorwood is not pictured. He is in the second photo on the far right, but in his case the after is not all that much different than the before.

beards after2

Our wives (Joel is not married) have been generally supportive of the facial hair frenzy at the office, though the reviews are mixed. I plan on keeping mine at least through Christmas.

I have found that, when the cold winter wind hits my beard, it swirls around a bit before it hits my face and feels a bit warmer. With this in mind, it may be wise to leave it until spring.

We have been debating at the office who has the best beard. What do you think?

beards after

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  1. That’s cool. In order to grow a beard-many have to do a lot of effort, here by the way, there are good tips for this. Some of course and by nature quite thick hair and fast growth, and some were less lucky

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