Draft horses and chainsaws: A match made in heaven?

I recently spent time in the woods with a crew of loggers that used horsepower to move the harvested timber. I was collecting photos and information for an upcoming article in Ohio’s Country Journal.

Generally, I picture the woods as a quiet and peaceful place to spend a fall day, but when this crew was working, the woods were filled with noise as the buzz of chainsaws filled the air. The saws sounded rather loud to my sensitive ears so I was surprised to find the Percheron draft horses working that day unfazed by the noise. As they waited (unsupervised) for a path to be made to allow them to safely reach the next set of logs, they munched on leaves or napped. I guess they are a lot more used to the noise than me as they spend a lot of time working in the woods.

I made  short video of the horses as they waited. It is a little shaky because I had to keep looking over my shoulder to make sure we were in a safe place because the chainsaws sounded so close. The horse just ignored me and the saws and continued to enjoy their time of relaxation in the woods.

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