I told you reindeer were real!

A year ago my husband, Mark, and I got into an argument about the existence of reindeer. I was trying to convince him to visit a Christmas display that included live reindeer, and he thought I was crazier than normal.

The conversation went something like this:

Kim: “I think we should visit Pine Acres.”

Mark: “Why would we want to do that?”

Kim: “I think it would be fun. There are lights and Christmas displays and live reindeer.”

Mark (rolling his eyes and laughing): “Right. Reindeer!”

He then tried to turn his back and walk out of the room to end the conversation, but I followed him.

Kim: “What do you mean?”

Mark: “There are no such things as reindeer.”

Kim: “Please tell me you don’t really believe that?”

Mark: “Seriously Kim, stop trying to convince me they are real. It will just be regular deer dressed up to look like reindeer.”

Kim: “Mark, I’m not kidding. Reindeer are real!”

The conversation got wilder from there. I tried to convince him that there really truly was such a thing as live reindeer, but that they just weren’t all named Rudolph. My cause might have been significantly hurt by the fact that it is common for me to discuss creatures such as vampires, werewolves and Bigfoot. With that in mind, I guess I could see why he would question some of my ideas, but this was reindeer! Doesn’t everybody know reindeer are real — apparently not.

We never found the time to visit the farm, and I kind of forgot about our argument until I was working on the Mid-December issue of Ohio’s Country Journal, and I saw that the cover story was about the exact farm I had tried to convince Mark to visit last year. Not only was the story about the farm, but also one of the photos for the story even included a real live reindeer.

I marched right home and showed Mark the photo, and said, “I TOLD YOU REINDEER WERE REAL!”

He seemed less than impressed. Maybe when he sees one fly and pull a sleigh he’ll be more likely to believe me.

Merry Christmas!

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