Top videos of 2013

Each year, online videos are becoming a more important way to deliver pertinent information (and some entertainment) to our online audience. Thanks for watching and we will keep those videos coming in 2014.

Here are the top videos of the year.

1.  “I still think my jacket’s sexy”

If you have not yet watched this do yourself a favor and watch it. In one of the more unusual and bizarre projects ever undertaken by Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net staff, “I still think my jacket’s sexy” is set to a popular country tune that is among the most widely viewed videos we’ve ever posted. This is well worth watching just to see Dale Minyo squeeze into an FFA jacket from yesteryear.

2. A Cab Cam with Josh Houck in Madison County

One of the first farmers in the field to plant the 2013 corn crop was Pitstick Farms. Ty Higgins hopped in for a ride with Josh Houck in Madison County for the first Ohio Ag Net “Cab Cam” of the year.

3. Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Market Beef

This is always a popular video and it doesn’t hurt that the charming Brooke Egbert of Auglaize County was the exhibitor of the 2013 Ohio State Fair Jr. Fair Grand Champion Market Beef.

4. Hey man, be nice to your hay man!

Those who have livestock but do not make hay have to rely on the hard work of others. Remember, to be nice to the men and women who help harvest and stack your hay. It’s a hot and hard job that is often overlooked by those who have never ridden on a hay wagon in 85- to 95-degree heat and baled hay themselves.

5. Geringhoff Concept Corn Header

While at the 2013 National Farm Machinery Show, the Ohio Ag Net crew talked with Joseph Jandrisch, the President of Geringhoff. His company was showing off their concept corn header that will be in fields in 2014.

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