Celebrate “No Brainer Day”

Do you ever suffer from the “winter blahs” this time of year? Are your body and brain tired from filling out your tax return and shoveling all the snow Ohio has received this winter? Then “No Brainer Day” may be your kind of holiday.

On Feb. 27 each year, “No Brainer Day” is celebrated. It is a day to complete easy and logical tasks that don’t require thinking. According to holidayinsights.com, the holiday even has a special flower, Freesia, and a special recipe, Celery Seed Dressing.

Since neither arranging flowers or cooking sound like no brainer activities to me, and I doubt my employer will be closing the office for this holiday, I think I’ll be celebrating the day after work by ordering a pizza for dinner and watching movies.

Although I don’t celebrate all holidays suggested by holidayinsights.com, “No Brainer Day” is, well, a no brainer for me. I think all of us could use a day to rest our noggins.

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