Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry developed to protect locations from pesticide drift

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has started an Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry, which allows producers to register the locations of apiaries and pesticide-sensitive and organic crops to protect them from pesticide drift.

Registered users can create maps and provide details of their sensitive locations, which can then be searched by pesticide applicators. The voluntary registry is for organic crops, livestock and forage, as well as for pesticide-sensitive locations including but not limited to: apiaries, fish farms, nurseries, orchards, greenhouses and high tunnels, vegetables and fruit such as brambles, grapes and tomatoes.

Registry data is protected and not available to the general public; only applicators, apiarists and those involved in the commercial production of sensitive crops will be allowed to submit locations and search the registry. Users will need to create an account through the website and will receive log-in details if approved.

Those who wish to create an account must follow several guidelines. Pesticide applicators (whether commercial or private) must provide their license numbers before they can search the registry for sensitive locations around the areas they intend to spray. Maps of these areas, as well as lists of location and producer details, can be downloaded and used to plan spraying schedules and routes.

Apiarists are required to register their hives with the Ohio Department of Agriculture Apiary Program and use their identification number to create an OSCR account. Those who grow organic/sensitive crops or nursery stock are asked to be producing at least half an acre of an individual crop before creating an account. Similarly, those who have greenhouses or high-tunnels should be producing at least half an acre worth of crop annually. These minimum acreage requirements are to help discourage non-commercial entities from overloading the system with requests. If an issue arises from the acreage limits, this can be worked out with the registry manager; requests are not automatically approved or denied by the system.

The registry can be accessed at http://www.agri.ohio.gov/scr/.

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  1. We have wine grapes growing and have listed them in the sensitive crop registry. We are located at 4199 Iddings Rd West milton Oh. We are wondering where we can find the bee registry ,to make sure if any are in our area for spraying this summer.

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