Chris Pugh wins 50 Hours with Challenger Tractor through OSA membership

The Ohio Soybean Association (OSA) and Ohio Ag Equipment recently announced that Chris Pugh of Richland County has won 50 hours with an MT600 Series Challenger tractor. This promotion allowed all OSA new members who signed up by March 1 to be entered in a drawing to win free hours with the tractor. Chris’s name was selected last week during the 2014 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

“I would like to thank OSA and Ohio Ag Equipment for offering this exciting promotion to new members,” said Pugh. “I believe being a member of OSA offers many advantages to the current and future generations of Ohio soybean farmers.”

Taking this and other opportunities to promote the work it does on behalf of its members is extremely important to OSA.

“I want to congratulate Chris on winning the tractor, which was only possible thanks to the great partnership we have with Ohio Ag Equipment,” said Jerry Bambauer, OSA president and soybean farmer from Auglaize County. “Ohio soybean checkoff dollars cannot legally be used to lobby, so it is vital that all Ohio soybean farmers sign up to be a member of OSA. We work on the legislative issues that are most important to you, but without your support, we can’t continue that work.”

In addition to OSA’s partnership with Ohio Ag Equipment for new members, OSA offers a variety of membership incentives including the Seed Incentive Program, biodiesel rebates, discounts at participating companies and subscriptions to Ohio agriculture publications. All OSA members automatically become members of the American Soybean Association and receive those benefits as well.


“We would like to congratulate Chris on winning the use of a MT600 Challenger tractor,” said Kelly Love, Vice President of Ohio Ag Equipment. “We at Ohio Ag Equipment are dedicated to enhancing our partnership with Ohio agriculture and are happy to support the Ohio Soybean Association.”


To learn more about OSA membership and to sign up, visit

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