Marching into the month of war

As we begin the month of March, most folks begin to think of Spring and can’t wait for when is time to plant crops and tend to baby livestock. Not me, I think of war.

According to, the month of March was named after Mars, the roman god of war “because of its rough and boisterous weather.” March certainly is a month of transition, and I think the folks that named the month after a god of war got it right because it seems like a time when Spring is warring against Winter so that it can come forth and bring warmer temperatures and new life in the form plants and newborn critters.

For me, March is definitely a month of war. I’m still warring against the cold temperatures and frozen latches and doors, but March brings new problems as well. As things begin to thaw out, I attempt to clean up areas of my barn and barnyard that were unable to cleaned earlier in the winter due to frigid temperatures.

I war with semi-frozen manure. Then I war with a tired back once the manure thaws, and it seems like there are months worth of it to remove from paddocks. On top of the physical challenges March can bring, there can often be mental ones as well. By March, I think most of us, including myself, are just plain tired of winter. Snow and ice that were once beautiful when viewed from our windows have now just become a nuisance. I often just want to go to bed and cover my head until April arrives.

Remember, though, that March is a month that every human has to face and live through in order to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of Spring and Summer. So, keep in mind that as you’re still warring with the leftovers from Winter, Spring is doing its best to put Old Man Winter to bed until next year.

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