Don’t get fooled this April!

Warning! Warning! Warning! April 1 is April Fool’s Day.

I enjoy jokes and all of us on the staff at Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net can take or play a joke very well; we don’t need a special date to joke or torment each other.

However, the rest of the world may not be brave enough to play pranks or joke with their co-workers or family members on a regular basis, but most folks probably think it is acceptable to play a HARMLESS prank or two on April Fool’s Day.

Harmless is the key word. I’m a person that likes rules and guidelines so I visited to see their advice for participating in April Fool’s Day activities.

Here’s what the site said:

“Any tricks or jokes must be harmless and in good taste for the unsuspecting ‘victim.’ And, we suggest you think twice before pulling one on the boss, even if he or she is known to be of good humor.

Important: Jokes and gags must be harmless and fun. They must not be dangerous or hurt anyone’s feelings. Give your jokes and gags some thought before carrying them out. Then, have fun!”

Did you notice as I did that there are multiple warnings to make sure your fun is HARMLESS?

I’m mostly writing this blog for my co-workers. I’m hoping they’ll read this and follow the guidelines at because I don’t know about you, but this past LONG and COLD winter that won’t go away has really worked on my patience and sense of humor. I’m not feeling ready to pretend to laugh at elaborate jokes that I DON’T think are funny and some other Ohioans who are also grumpy after a such a long winter probably agree with me. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

So this April Fool’s Day be thoughtful about your tricks and if you just can’t take the heat, stay home and hide from your friends and family like I plan to do.


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