The A.I.M.S. team walks in front of one of their monster traps. A.I.M.S. stands for Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. Image Credit: Destination America

“Mountain Monsters” — They’re more familiar than you think

By Kim Lemmon, Ohio’s Country Journal

Last Spring, I found a new reality TV show that I really liked. The program was called “Mountain Monsters” and featured a group of men that comprise A.I.M.S., Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. The members of A.I.M.S. travel the Appalachian region of the United States and follow up on reports of sightings of mysterious creatures.

These gentlemen aren’t your average paranormal or mystery investigators. They don’t enter the woods to investigate with cameras; they take guns and set traps. They don’t often run away from the unknown monsters lurking in the dark. They try to hunt them down.

I quickly became addicted to the show last spring. I have a very vivid imagination coupled with a couristy for wildlife and the unknown. I was the perfect target audience for the program. Additionally, this group of hunters is so very colorful and down to Earth, that I enjoyed laughing and screaming along to the program as A.I.M.S. investigations hunted for several different kinds of monsters.

As I was watching the program one evening last spring, my husband, Mark, was working on his laptop. Mark wasn’t paying much attention to the show, but he was still making plenty of rude comments about how dumb the show was. His insults were incessant but then they abruptly stopped. He looked up at the show and asked which guy was talking. Then he became really shocked and excited because he actually knows one of the investigators – Wild Bill.

I of course didn’t believe him, but over the course of a few months, I was convinced that Wild Bill is a friend of Mark’s uncle. Wild Bill actually used to live in the same community in Ohio as Mark. As further proof, Mark’s uncle presented me with Wild Bill’s phone number.

I still have his number in my cell phone. The idea was to interview Wild Bill for a story or blog for Ohio’s Country Journal, but I’m a little afraid to make the phone call. Wild Bill is very energetic and talks very quickly. I’m not certain a phone call would work very well for an interview.​

The second season of “Mountain Monsters” is currently airing (Spring 2014) on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on DEST, Destination America. Mark now faithfully watches the program with me so he can see what Wild Bill is up to. Be sure and tune in so you can laugh and scream along with us. During the first show of the 2014 season, I screamed so loud that I woke up our dogs. What a rush!

To find out more about A.I.M.S., visit

To see the full schedule for “Mountain Monsters,” visit

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  1. i love mountain monsters too i think it is like the best show ever i wish i counld have his number

  2. Can you please provide me with the phone number you mentioned in this article. The reason I asked is I have a special needs nephew who is a big fan of mountain monsters and I’m trying to get intounch with the AIMS team to see if they can do something like a phone call or a meet and greet with him. Please

  3. I love mountain monsters me and my family re huge fans and I really wish that the AIMS Team could email me or we could have a meet and great. I really want to meet Buck and wild bill. please and thank you

  4. I am curious as to the next season. Will there be one? Please keep us informed. This is one of the few truly entertaining shows on tv. Thank you for writing about them.

  5. Why have the episodes just stoped after the final show, aims.vs rogue

  6. When will the new season start

    • I’m all confused and its not hard to confuse a blonde trust and believe. I really admire thier bravery and knowledge and you really need to quit saying Trapper ” John” Tice is dead not only me but but loads of fans I’m sure took it to heart . I love each and everyone of them and congrats to Buck for his weight loss . Please ? keep giving us our mountain monsters, I know I love watching them . Much love ? ,
      Miss Tracy M. Carr

  7. George carmichael

    You have got to be kidding me. I can’t believe they let a bunch of yahoos like you guys run around in the woods. That dude Bill has to be the loudest son of a bitch I’ve ever heard I don’t see how you could possibly get a single Hannibal to be anywhere near you in the woods at night and that’s without The lights the camera in the action. This could’ve been important work but obviously you made a serious farce of the entire thing. But it’s a paycheck when the rest of the people catch on you’ll need a new job put up or shut up boys as a matter fact just shut up you might actually see something and actually catch something will stick traps to catch monsters

    • If you do not like the show , there is a little button on your remote that says off! You should use it instead of insulting people. Ask yourself, what if !

  8. Worst show in history. Do you in your wildest dream think any of this is real. ANYBODY who watches this is out of touch with reality. Dumb and dumber are rocket scientists compared to these losers

  9. I love this show. I cannot wait for the new season, so we can find out who the Rogue Team is. And why they have been stalking the AIMS team.

  10. I can’t say I believe that the mountain monsters is the real thing. anything is possiable I guess, but unless I see it with my own eyes I’ll probley remain a non-believer. I mean no disrespect,but at this time unless ortherwise proven I’ll just continue believing that the mountian monsters is just inter tainment. Itt’s hard to believe that they can find a bigfoot when they are so noisely and loud running through the woods after what they think is bigfoot. If I was bigfoot I’d take of running never to be seen again by these crasy people.How in the world if bigfoot was real!could the aim teamccatch him for being so LOUD in their hunt.?

  11. Love the show and hey George fuck you its entertainment if u don’t like it change the channel instead of taking time to let us know what a asshole you are bitch

    • I love this show it is so cool my favorite place is the dark forest and wild bill is my favorite and I like everybody else . Jason Davis you are so right

  12. I’ve lost a little interest since they’re going at it with the rogue team I hope they get back to just searching for Bigfoot that’s what the show is suppose to be about. I know its fake but its entertainment it beats the hell out of those friggin reality shows, I just wish when they lock and load they really had shells in their guns you can see there’s no shell being put in the pipe. But they’re just good ole boys gotta love um

  13. I met Wild Bill last year as he is my cousins best friend. He is tge guy you see on the show. He invited me to go bear hunting with them sometime. He lives right up the road from my family.

  14. Marcella Seabolt

    I love all the team members especially wild bill and buck i hope buck can figure out the blood skull and the woman of the woods!

  15. I love this show. My husband and I watch it almost every night. We purchased all 5 seasons on v u d u and waiting for season 6 to become available. We love the guys,they are so down to earth and good natured. This show is pure entertainment

  16. I am 15. And me and my uncle love this show we have this tradition of eating pizza when it’s on

  17. Love the show and am still waiting for the new episodes! You go Mountain Monsters!!!

  18. I watch this show for the same reason that I watch professional wrestling – entertainment and ’cause you know they are both real.

  19. My sister loves this show. We have been trying to find out if the show is coming back or not. I can’t find any information on it.

  20. I would love to see this show come back on tv. I personally think it the BEST show on tv,Just get rid of that ROUGE team and it would be a super show

  21. Hello I’m a big fan of y’alls show’s sorry I have problems spelling words and I’m also a special needs person that like to watch crazy TV shows. I don’t know if y’all know that we have monster hear in South of Louisiana the call it the Rugaro I think that it’s some kind of big foot or something like that.

  22. Sorry but this show is so dumb! My parents had a mountain monsters season 6 party.. chicken wings and cheese dip in a Crock-Pot. After watching season 6 episode 1, I’m not going to waist my time with this garbage!

  23. This show is so stupid an so is the cast

  24. I discovered Mountain Monsters for the first time a week ago. I only planned on checking it out to see what kind of show it was. I honestly think I was hooked after the first 10 seconds of watching. What a great bunch of guys! They are so brave to do what they do. I do have to say it’s hard to watch at night because it scares me a bit. So I DVR it and watch it during the day time. I even told my husband about the show. My husband and I don’t watch many programs or movies together due to having different interests, but I believe I found another great show for us to watch together. That makes me happy.

  25. I like Mountain Monsters. Obviously it isn’t real, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t entertaining. I just wonder if the microphones are really that bad or if they are just talking REALLY loudly for effect. With all of the yelling and lights, there isn’t a bigfoot within 200 miles of these guys, but if you like the woods, nature, hiking and that sort of thing, I think it’s a good distraction from life.

  26. Is John Trapper still alive

  27. I would like to join the Ames team

  28. I need a address for Mountain Monsters

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