New Fertilizer Coulter option available from Yetter for 2014

The new 2995 Xtreme Fertilizer Coulter from Yetter Farm Equipment takes fertilizer application to the next level by offering a new design capable of spring pressure up to 2,000 pounds, providing the power needed to cut through even the toughest residue conditions. The increased down pressure offered by the 2995 XFC is 30 to 50 percent more than other models available.

The XFC design also allows up to six inches of vertical travel with a range of vertical shank adjustments, and is available with a 20-inch blade that can be smooth, ripple, or notched in style; choose the option that works for your tillage choices and soil conditions.

“The blade size and vertical depth settings make the XFC coulter a great choice for deep root banding of fertilizer,” said Yetter Product Specialist Tyler Thomas. “As our customers continue to look at split application fertilizer placement, this coulter is ideal.”

The coulter is available with either injection or rear knife options for precision fertilizer placement and has a 1¾-inch diameter mount shank. Mounting kits are available for 4×4-, 4×6-, 6×4-, 6×6-, 5×7-, and 7×7-inch toolbars.

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