Blue Raspberry Flavored Marshmallow Chicks, just in time for Easter!

PEEPS – The annual Easter argument

I know PEEPS are available more that just in the Spring, but I still manage to keep my consumption of them limited until Spring and the Easter season arrive.

It is well known amongst the staff at Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net that I LOVE PEEPS. I often describe the stress level of my day based on how many rows of PEEPS I’ll be eating when I arrive at my home.

Matt Reese, editor of Ohio’s Country Journal, and I have been friends and co-workers for more than a decade so he likes to annually argue with me about PEEPS. He just really doesn’t see the necessity of PEEPS in a human diet. So Matt, just for you I decided to do a little research on my favorite marshmallow treats.

Matt will be happy to know that PEEPS usually aren’t available year-round. They can only be purchased at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day,  and Easter. I guess I better stock up before the Easter supply is gone because it is going to be a long dry spell without peeps until the Fall.

Furthermore, PEEPS aren’t just for eating straight out of the box anymore. The company that manufactures PEEPS has an entire website dedicated to showcasing recipes and directions for arts and crafts that include the delicious marshmallow treats. Once readers of this blog glance through some of the artwork and recipes included on the site, I’m sure they will agree with me that Spring just isn’t Spring without the inclusion of a few dozen marshmallow PEEPS.

For my part, I doubt I manage to do more than crack open a half a dozen or so boxes of the pink sugar coated bunny marshmallows and shove them in my mouth. I just can resist them long enough to include them in a recipe or some time of artwork.

As for Matt, I’m pretty sure he will remain convinced that PEEPS are an unnecessary and worthless addition to my Spring traditions. If he keeps trying to ruin my Spring-time sugar filled high, though, maybe I’ll have to start a campaign to end the tradition of Christmas trees. That just might get him come to a truce on the topic of tasty PEEPS.

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