Square dance gender confusion

In my youth, I loved line dancing so when some friends of mine started attending the local country dances that included line and square dancing I invited myself along.

I have been lucky enough to attend most of the dances this past winter, and I have had tons of fun. I line dance until I’m exhausted and I laugh and clap along while the couples square dance. I don’t know how to square dance myself so I enjoy that part of the evening from the sidelines.

It is often difficult to find enough couples to complete squares so everyone can dance as the night comes to a close. A few couples generally leave before the dance is finished. It is very disappointing to the remaining couples when they have stayed and want to dance and there aren’t enough couples to complete all the squares.

This was the case at the close of the last dance. Three or four squares were filled but the remaining group still needed one more couple to complete their square. My friend was willing to dance, but there weren’t any extra gentleman available to be her partner.

Everyone was very disappointed and still begging for another couple. Another lady that was in the square closest to our table said, “Two ladies can dance together.”

Oh boy. She had done it. Now my friend and I were the only hope to complete the remaining square. So like the good sports we are, we joined the group that needed a couple so the dance could begin.

Not only had I never square danced before, but I was also playing the part of the gentleman. Luckily my friend and also the lady on my corner in the square helped me out a lot and we made it through the first song without messing up the entire square, but the second song was another story. My friend somehow added another spin to the “swing your partner” and I ended up dizzy and facing the wrong way. It took quite a few beats of music for the group in my square to get me back on track. It was confusing enough trying to participate in a dance I had never done before, but when you add to that the fact that I am used to watching the ladies to figure out what comes next, it was sort of a mess.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves (maybe a bit at my expense), but fun was had and everyone was able to participate, which was the main point.

As for me, I think I’ll be forcing my husband to learn to square dance and attend the next dance. I don’t want any more of the ladies getting the idea that I’m available as a dancing partner. One gender confused set of dancing was enough.

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