The 2962 Double Disc Fertilizer Opener is available for liquid application or dry fertilizer (shown in photo). Optional floating residue managers are available.

Yetter double disc opener available with dry fertilizer tube

The 2962 Double Disc Opener for Dry Fertilizer is a great option for producers wanting to precisely place dry fertilizer while planting. Like the liquid model from Yetter Farm Equipment, the dry model features a doubledisc design and mounts directly to the faceplate of the planter row-unit. The opener blade adjacent to the row runs straight and parallel to the row, so the V-shaped seed opening is not degraded and the soil between your fertilizer and the seed is not disturbed.

The fertilizer tube is 1ó” in diameter and the mounting location allows for placement 2ó” off the row and at depth desired for application. Fertilizer placement is adjustable for both depth and distance from the row, making it easy to hit the root zone and supply adequate nutrients for healthy plants and better stands. “You can place high-volume fertilizer with ease during planting to benefit your plants throughout the growing season,” said Don Bunnell, Yetter service representative.

Adding to the efficiency of this unit is the optional screw-adjust floating residue manager, allowing producers to quickly and easily make adjustments to the depth setting of the residue management wheel. “In today’s farming operations, time is money. The combination unit makes it possible to clear residue, place dry fertilizer, and plant in one pass,” said Bunnell. The floating feature allows the unit to handle changing soil contours with ease and is designed to eliminate hairpinning. Planter bounce is also controlled, making for consistent seed and fertilizer placement.

The 2962 Double Disc Opener for Dry Fertilizer is available in left- and right-handed models. The unit uses a 13.5” diameter notched and 12.5” smooth disc.

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