2014 Spring Buckeye Draft Horse Sale results

Official sale results as supplied by the Buckeye Draft Horse Sale Committee. This sale takes place twice a year in Dover, Ohio.

Photo courtesy of JW Wilcox – Amish Country Images.

179 horses entered • 22 outs • 7 no sales • 150 sold (catalogued and uncatalogued)

Horses entered from and sold into 14 states and Canada.
45 Belgian mares  average: $3,183
33 Percheron mares  average: $3,543
15 Belgian geldings average: $3,340
11 Percheron geldings average: $3,300
27 Belgian stallions average: $2,748
19 Percheron stallions  average: $1,834
47 yearling stallions (both breeds) average: $2,510
Uncatalogued horses average: $3,045
Total sale average: 150 head average: $3,038


Format: Lot number; Seller; Sale Price; Buyer

1          Martin M. Wickey, Jr., Decatur, IN 5,000 Oba Hershberger, Sullivan, IL
2           Nathaniel U. Byler, Bristolville, OH    5,500   Harley Schwartz , Akron, lN
3           Mystic Meadows LTD, Garee W. Earnest, Johnstown, OH      2,100   Aden D. Schlabach,Fredericksburg, OH
4           Eli L. Yoder, Middlefield, OH   3,400   Ben D. Eicher , Geneva, IN
5           Noah A. Yoder, Sugarcreek,  OH          4,400    David Stutzman , Hazelton, IA
6           Dennis & Duane Miller, Millersburg, OH        2,800   Andy & Edna Fisher , Burton, OH
7           Aubrey Ervin, Winfield, WV   2,400   Larry Banks , Mt. Gilead, OH
8          All-en-time Farm, LLC, Plain City, OH          OUT
9           Larry & Carolyn Piergallini, Dillonvale, OH     3,400   Lester J. Byler, Middlefield, OH
10        Barbara J. Watson, Montpelier, OH     2,300   Raymond S. Petersheim, Lykens, PA
11        Levi J. Miller, Baltic, OH         1,800   Jeffery &/or Sharon L. Suseland, Vandalia, MI
12        Matt Beachy, Shreve, OH        OUT
13         Thomas & Sally Glauer, Crestline, OH            3,000   Eli R. Mi ller , Dundee, OH
14         Double Creek Farms, Millersburg, OH             1,700    Sara J. Campbell , North Jackson, OH
15        Brian I. Yoder, Millersburg, OH           2,700   Jacob M. Yoder; Leroy Miller Fredericksburg, OH
16         Joe Garland, Bakersville,  NC   1,600    Nathan Schrock, Millersburg, OH
17         Mahlon A Hershberger,  Baltic, OH     3,100   David 0. Miller , Millersburg,  IN
18        Jeff L. Cameron, M.D., Dover, OH      OUT
19        Raymond A. Raber, Baltic, OH 3,000   Davide Lee Schlabach, Millersburg, OH
20        Joseph J. Yoder, Burton, OH    1,800    Atlee L. Yoder , Big Prairie, OH
21         Anthony A. Miller, Dundee, OH          4,700   Felty L. Raber , Millersburg, OH
22        Douglas K. Wurz, Glen Allen, VA        OUT
23         Charles L. Stingle, Smithfield, OH        1,800  Amanda Goodman,Walhonding, OH
24         Edwin L. Yoder, Sugarcreek, OH          1,700    David Schlabach, Millersburg, OH
25        Aaron Byler, Middlefield, OH OUT
26        Andy U. Byler, Middlefield, OH           1,700    Daniel H. Mentzer, III , Waynesboro, PA
27        Owen A. Yoder, Fresno, OH     1,700    Sam J. Miller , Millersburg, OH
28         Lee Jones, Huron, OH             1,000   Kalona Sale Bam
29        Robert Hershberger, Baltic, OH           30,000             Tom &/orTreasa Springett      Ellsworth, WI
30         Double Creek Farms, Millersburg, OH 5,000   Silver Run Farm, Larry &/or Sue Carlson , Louisville, OH
31         Marion A. Yoder, Millersburg1OH       4,100   Troy Schafer , Vermilion, OH
32        John C. Kurtz, New Wilmington, PA   375      Billy Howard, Acme, PA
33        Eli A. Mast, Millersburg, OH    3,900   Daniel D. Hershberger, Burton, OH
34         Jacob Yoder & Jonathan  Miller , Millersburg, OH       2,600    Shane Patterson , BC, Canada
35         Barbara J. Watson, Montpelier, OH     4,500   Fred Chettle , Wellsville, OH
36         John J. Coblentz, Applecreek,  OH      3,500    Aden A. Hershberger, Apple Creek, OH
37         Atlee J.J. Yoder, Millersburg, OH        1,900    Grant Hodges , Ontario, Canada
38         Harry R. Miller, Dalton, OH   2,800   Floyd 0. Bontrager , Middlebury, IN
39         Roman  M. Yoder, Fresno, OH             2,500   Gary Myers , Shiloh, OH
40        Lloyd Farnham, Plainfield, VT            3,700   Stoney Hill Percherons, Mahlon &/or Lizzie Mae Yoder, Millersburg2  OH
41         Martin Miller, Burton, OH     1,200   NO SALE
42         John R. Schlabach, Fredericksburg, OI-l           4,300   Peter  L. Yoder , Baltic, OH
43         Kirk Fenoff, Danville,  VT      1,500   Arlen Bell , Sault Sainte Marie, MI
44         Allen N. Miller, Sugarcreek, OH           4,700   Michael  Raber , Fredericksburg, OH
45         Robert Hershberger, Baltic, OH          5,400    Pat Hopkins, Dewey, OK
46         Raymond Lantz, Glenville, PA            4,000   David  Stutzman, Hazelton,  IA
47         Myron B. Miller, Millersburg,  OH       6,500    James P. Mast , Middlefield,  OH
48         Nelson Miller, Dundee, OH     5,000    R. B. & Sons Horse Farm LP, Orwell,  OH
49         Eli L. Yoder, Middlefield, OH    5,000    Dennis Miller, Millersburg, OH
50         Lloyd  Farnham, Plainfield,  VT           5,000    Raymond  J. Mast , Belle River, IL
51         Joe Garland, Bakersville, NC    2,000    NO SALE
52        Aden L. Swartzentruber, Apple Creek, OH      3,200    Ben N. Yoder , Baltic, OH
53         Mervin  D. Shetler, Sugarcreek, OH       1,600   Daniel  Shetler , Sugarcreek, OH
54         Aden J. Raber, Baltic, OH        1,800    Roman A. Yoder , Fredericksburg, OH
55         Ei A. Mast, Millersburg, OH    1,550    Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
56         Mose M. Yoder, Baltic, OH     2,700    JamBellar , Bay City, MI
57         Emanuel R. Yoder, Baltic, OH             1,100   Atlee N. Yoder , Millersburg, OH
58         Millvalley  Belgians, Ivan Hochstetler, Millersburg, OH          5,300    Levi D. Eicher , Carlisle, KY
59         Larry & Carolyn Piergallini, Dillonvale,  OH 1,800   Amanda Goodman , Walhonding, OH
60         Owen A. Yoder, Fresno, OH    2,800    Stephen  Weaver , Shreve, OH
61         Abe M. Yoder, Sugarcreek, OH             2,000    Tonja Pemberton, Boardman, OH
62         Charles L. Stingle, Smithfield, OH         1,650    Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
63         Atlee JJ. Yoder, Millersburg,  OH        2,950    Leroy R. Yoder , Baltic, OH
64         Peter L. Yoder, Baltic, OH      1,650    Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
65         Aden D. Schlabach, Fredericksburg, OH           4,300   Amos M. King , Quarryville, PA
66         Silver Dollar Percherons, Don Campbell, Berlin Center, OH 2,100   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
67         Duane R. Yoder, Baltic, OH     OUT
68         Marion A. Yoder, Millersburg, OH      OUT
69         Robert A. Berry, Birtle, MB     3,500    Duane Coblentz, Beach City, OH
70         Brad Spangler, Ashville, OH     2,800   John L. Byler , Middlefield, OH
71        Brad Spangler, Ashville, OH    3,000   Atlee Miller Millersburg, OH
72         Anthony  A. Miller, Dundee, OH          OUT
73         Barbara J. Watson, Montpelier, OH     1,600   Atlee L. Yoder , Big Prairie, OH
74         Daivd  J. Keim, Fredericksburg, OH       1,250   Kalona Sale Barn
75         Joel Fussner, Chesterhill, OH 1,500   Billy Howard , Acme, PA
76         Michael J. Ahnstrom, Ashland, VA     OUT
77        Douglas K. Wurz, Glen Allen, VA       1,300   Daniel J. Byler, Jr. , Orwell, OH
78         Rodney L. Lang, Butler, PA    OUT


79        Rodney  Lang, Butler, PA        2,500   Eli J.J. Barkman, Baltic, OH
80        Leo & AndyBeachy, Dalton, OH       4,400   NOSALE
81         Ervin  A. Miller, Shreve, OH  3,600   Jacob E. Shetler, Sugarcreek, OH
82        Ervin  A. Miller, Shreve, OH  3,800   Robert & Nathaniel Weaver, Middlefield, OH
83        David  W. Bostic,  Union, WV            OUT
84        Chris Clemson, Chardon, OH   OUT
85        Atlee J.J. Yoder, Millersburg, OH       4,400   Wayne J. Yoder, Holmesville, OH
86        Double Creek Farms, Millersburg, OH              OUT
87        Ben Eicher, Geneva, IN           3,500   Jacob E. Shetler, Sugarcreek, OH
88        Ben  Eicher, Geneva, IN          3,400   Daniel Hershberger, Millersburg, OH
89        Don Sherwood, Tunkhannock, PA                  OUT
90        David  W. Bostic, Union, WV 3,000   Daniel Hershberger, Millersburg, OH
91       Levi J. Miller, Baltic, OH        4,000   Floyd 0. Bontrager, Middlebury, IN
92        Delbert J. Miller, Baltic, OH   4,500   Greg &/or  Scott Morrison, Evans City, PA
93        Sam P. Schwartz, Bern, IN       4,000   Firman D. Yoder, Atlantic, PA
94        Dannie Hershberger, Apple Creek, OH            4,300   Andy J. Erb, Millersburg, OH
95        Mervin M. Fisher, Orwell, OH            OUT
96        Mervin M. Fisher, Orwell, OH            OUT
97        Barbara J. Watson,  Montpelier, OH   1,350   NOSALE
98         Benjamin M. Weaver, Holmesville, OH         6,500   Dale Me. Main, Delmar, IA
99  David W. Bostic, Union, WV         2,800   Mose J. Yoder , Claire, MI
100       Wayne A. Miller, Millersburg, OH      OUT
101      Kirk Fenoff, Danville, VT      2,100   R. Burkholder & Sons, Orwell, OH
102      Ervin A. Weaver          4,200   Ervin E. Miller , Middlefield, OH
103       A&B Percherons, William C. Bryant, Fredericktown, OH         OUT
104       All-en-time, LLC, Plain City, OH        OUT
105      Barbara J. Watson,  Montpelier, OH     1,600    Mark Eshelman, Shelby, OH
106       Ervin A. Miller, Shreve, OH    3,700   Rudy D. Gingerich, Kimbolton, OH
107       Steven E. Weaver, Dundee, OH           3,000   Marvin Fisher , Orwell, OH

Registered Stallions

108      Stony Hill Percherons, Millersburg, OH                       OUT
109      Joel W. Fussner, Chesterhill, OH          2,100   Eli S. Miller, Fredericktown, OH
110      Robert J. Mullet, Burton, OH  2,600   Momoe Miller, Burton, OH
111      Mahlon A. Hershberger, Baltic, OH     1,800   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
112      Ellen M. Fischer, Claysville, PA                     OUT
113      Peter L. Yoder, Baltic, OH      1,650   David 0. Miller, Millersburg, IN
114      Atlee J.J. Yoder, Millersburg, OH         5,500   Mahlon &/or  Lizzie Mae, Millersburg, OH 115           Marti R. Miller, Dalton, OH      3,000   Marvin Troyer, Fredericksburg, OH
116      Glen Yoder, Millersburg,  IN     3,100   Grant Hodges, Ontario, Canada
117      L. Leroy Raber, Millersburg, OH          1,500   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
118      Aden U. Yoder, Dundee, OH   3,000   Mervin Fisher, Orwell, OH
119      Raymond Lantz, Glenville, PA            14,000 Donald or Mark Rybum, Washington, PA 120           A & B Percherons, William C. Bryant, Fredericktown, OH                 OUT
121      JohnS. Beiler, Mount Joy, PA 1,200   Junior R. Miller, Fredericktown, OH
122      Mose M. Yoder, Baltic, OH     1,400   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
123      JeffL. Cameron, M.D., Dover, OH      1,450   Kalona Sale Bam, Kalona, IA
124      Marcus R. Miller, Baltic, OH   1,800   Roman Hershberger, Lakeville, OH
125      Martin M. Wickey, Decatur, IN         2,500   Melvin Detweiler, Atlantic, PA
126      Wayne A. Wengerd, Dundee, OH       1,100   John C. Kurtz, New Wilmington, PA
127      Stony Hill Percherons, Mahlon & Lizzie Mae Yoder, Millersburg, OH           2,000   Mark Eshelman , Shelby, OH 44875
128      Silver Dollar Percherons, Don Campbell,  Berling Center, OH             1,600   NOSALE
129      Abe M. Yoder, Sugarcreek, OH 1,100   David O. Miller, Millersburg, IN
130      Dan R. Hershberger, Sugarcreek, OH      1,650   Devon Bontrager, Topeka, IN
131      Dennis & Duane Miller, Millersburg, OH         1,300   Tom Hanson , Nassau, NY
132      Jonas M. Ebersol, Strasburg, PA           1,350   Joel Fussner , Chesterhill, OH
133      Brian I. Yoder, Millersburg, OH           1,550   Junior R. Miller , Fredericktown, OH
134      Mose M. Yoder, Baltic, OH     2,400   Melvin Detweiler , Atlantic, PA
135       Atlee J.J. Yoder, Millersburg, OH         3,900   Sam D. Eicher , Berne, IN
136       Benjamin M. Weaver, Holmesville, OH            1,700   Devon Bontrager, Topeka, IN
137      Eli A. Mast, Millersburg, OH     1,500  John Coblentz , Apple Creek, OH
138       Anthony A. Miller, Dundee, OH           3,000   Raymond R. Hershberger, Lakeville, OH
139       Levi J. Miller, Baltic, OH          2,200    Leroy & Dorothy Mast , Mt. Vernon, IL
140       Dennis Hershberger, Dundee, OH           1,400   Samuel Ray Miller, Shipshewana, IN
141       JohnS. Beiler, MountJoy, PA   1,700   Gary Miller , Topeka, IN
142       Jonas M. Ebersol, Strasburg, PA 1,250   Delbert J. Miller , Baltic, OH
143       Melvin E. Yoder, Baltic, OH    2,400    Jacob D. Eicher , Bryant, IN
144       Andy U. Byler, Middlefield, OH             2,300    Noah A. Keirn, Shiloh, OH
145       Ivan Ray Miller, Baltic, OH     1,700   Kalona Sale Bam, Kalona, IA
146       Abe J. Keim, Dundee, OH          1,500   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
147       Emanuel R. Yoder, Baltic, OH   1,200   Atlee N. Yoder, Millersburg, OH
148       Barbara J. Watson, Montpelier, OH       1,150   Ivan L. Yoder , Big Prairie, OH                   Mervin D. Shetler, Sugarcreek, OH        1,950   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
150       Neal S. Miller, Fredericksburg, OH           3,400   Jonaton A. Miller, Burton, OH
151       Anthony A. Miller, Dundee, OH           2,000    Noah A. Keim, Shiloh, OH
152       Joseph J. Yoder, Burton, OH    1,100   Kalona Sale Barn, Kalona, IA
153       Nathan F. Yoder, Sugarcreek, OH          1,900   John D. Swartzentruber,  Fredericksburg, OH


154      Mark Miller, Dundee, OH           2,500   Roman Hershberger, Lakeville, OH
155      Lester Miller                OUT
156      Michael Raber, Fredericksburg, OH       8,500   Norman Miller, West Farmington, OH
157      Tarvey Ward               OUT
158      Tarvey Ward               OUT
159      Scott Enslin, Spring Run, PA       400      Dwight Carl Kenneth & Flody Baker, Letart, WV
160      Dustin Bezek, Castorland, NY            3,000   Levi J. Raber, Fredericktown, OH
161      Gary Clarke, Monterey, TN    2,200   NO SALE
162      Andy Beachy, Dalton, OH      3,400   Melvin J. Miller, Fredericksburg, OH
163      No information on sale report
164      Paul Yoder, Millersburg, OH    3,400   Owen R. Miller, Burton, OH
165      Verlin Miller, Sugarcreek, OH  6,250   Robert A. Berry, MB, Canada
166      John W. Byler, Carrollton, OH            4,000   John Yoder, Patriot, OH
167      Scott Enslin, Spring Run, PA  1,500   John Coblentz, Apple Creek, OH
168      Nate Byler, Bristolville, OH    5,600   David  Hershberger, Millersburg, OH
169      John Coblentz, Apple Creek, OH       4,700   Lester Hostetler, Carrollton, OH
170      Raymon Lantz, Glenville, PA      1,900   Ivan A. Yoder, Millersburg, OH
171      Joe Miller, Quaker  City,  OH  2,350   John  Coblentz, Apple Creek, OH
172      Joe Miller, Quaker  City, OH  2,350   John Coblentz, Apple  Creek, OH
173      Ervin  Miller, Shreve, OH         3,400   Aden  Weaver. Danville, OH
174      Ervin  Miller, Shreve, OH       2,900   Levi Smucker, Millersburg, PA
175      Leroy  Beachy OUT
176      Scott Enslin, Spring Run, PA   1,100   David 0. Miller, Millersburg, IN
177      Bill Shoupe, Newland, NC      3,000   Jim & Pam Menear, Mt. Morris, PA
178      Bill Shoupe, Newland, NC       3,000   Jim & Pam Menear, Mt. Morris, PA
179      Levi Smucker, Millersburg, PA 1,350   Levi N. Yoder, Millersburg, OH
180      Richard Schihl   1,650   Allen  Detweiler, Atlantic, PA
181      Richard Schihl, 1,650   Allen Detweiler, Atlantic, PA
182      Scott  Enslin, Spring Run, PA  800      NO SALE
183      Rufus Martin, Vandalia, IL       2,600   Ammon Yoder, Millersburg, OH 44654
184      Rufus Martin, Vandalia, IL       2,600   Ammon Yoder, 5642 CR 59, Millersburg, OH 44654



  1. Sara Beth Williams

    I am trying to get in touch with Duane Yoder from Millersburg OH. Can you please have him call me or get his number? I lost all my contacts from my last phone and need to contact him for the fall sale. Thanks

  2. Does anyone know Melvin Miller? His father is Jonah Miller. My name is Jim Weeks and the number for him I have they will not return my calls. He might have a new driver. Can you have him call me at 330-360-8540. He has done some home remodeling for me in the past and I need him again. Thank you.

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