Feeding Farmers Week #1 – Lee Farms, Union County

The 2014 edition of Feeding Farmers in the Fields, courtesy of AgriGold and the Ohio Ag Net, kicked off on Wednesday in Union County.

Lee Farms was this spring’s first farm to be selected. The 1,000-acre corn and soybean operation was provided lunch and joined by staff of the Ohio Ag Net and AgriGold Hybrids. Dale Minyo did his midday broadcast from the farm, which included interviews with brothers Ryan and Greg Lee, who are each heavily involved in the operation.

The brothers commented on the lengthy planting season and their efforts to get seed into the ground with June just around the corner. Like many Ohio farmers, they say weather from May 9 and 10 really set them back. They are still dealing with a mix of planting previously worked fields along with untouched ground. Cold rain combined with standing water and low soil temperatures have been the Lees’ biggest enemy this spring, stunting growth and forcing some replant.

Ohio Ag Net and AgriGold will be going out to the fields three more times in the following weeks, joining separate Ohio farmers to give them lunch and broadcast from their location. For those interested, apply here for a chance to be selected as one of this spring’s Feeding Farmers in the Field locations.

Ohio Ag Net Reporter Joel Penhorwood joined Greg Lee in the fields to get a planting update. Watch that cab cam here.


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