First Ohio E15 retailer open for business

American Freedom Energy is the first retailer in Ohio to offer E15 to consumers for use in 2001 and newer vehicles. The Liberty Center fueling station recently celebrated their grand opening, offering a wide array of choices for consumers to fuel their vehicles. The expanded offering of E15 will create savings at the pump for consumers. Currently, E15 is available in 14 states across the country, and more and more retailers are seeking to benefit from the competitive advantage that the higher fuel blend offers.

“Being a leader and not a follower, we believe in consumer choice,” said Glenn Badenhop, president and CEO of American Freedom Energy. “Offering higher ethanol blends like E15 sets us apart from other stations, but also helps our local economies, helps the environment, and helps reduce our addiction to foreign oil. Alternative fuels are the future.”

E15 is the most tested fuel blend and is approved for all vehicles produced for model year 2001 and beyond — encompassing approximately 80% of the vehicles on the road today. In Department of Energy tests, 86 vehicles, representing all makes and models, were driven more than six million miles with no issues.

Along with E15 for 2001 and newer vehicles American Freedom Energy will offer E85, E40, E30, and E20 for Flex Fuel vehicles (FFVs) at their Liberty Center station in Henry County. In doing so, American Freedom Energy also joins more than 3,000 retailers throughout the nation who have the infrastructure available to provide motorists with a choice of various ethanol blends.

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