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Parent Member Banquet recognizes Miami East FFA members

The Miami East FFA Chapter recently held its 55th Annual Parent Member Banquet. Over 300 parents, members, and guests were attendance at Miami East Junior High Auditoria.  Highlights of the evening were:

–       In 2013, the chapter was ranked in the Top 10 out of 315 chapters in the National Chapter Application. Also we placed in the Top 10 Chapter in the areas of Student Development, Chapter Development and Community Development. Our application was then sent on for national judging and we were named a 3-Star National Chapter at the National FFA Convention.

–       For 2014, the Chapter is ranked in the Top 10 in the state. And, we are a Top 10 in all three areas of development. We will now compete to be #1 at the State Convention.

–       In 2013, National FFA Convention graduates Amanda Bartel, Jacob Eidemiller, and Meagan McKinney earned the American FFA Degree.

–       At the 2013 State FFA Convention we had 6 students compete in the State Agriscience Fair. Kelsey Kirchner and myself placed first in the state and competed in the National Agriscience Fair. They placed 5th in the nation.

–       Three officers Lauren Williams, Madeline Davis, and Rebekah Eidemiller submitted Officer Books for review at the District Evaluations.  All three earned a gold rating.  They will be further recognized at the 2014 State FFA Convention.

–       At the 2013 State FFA Convention, Hannah Davis was a member of the State FFA Band. Miranda Maggart, Haleigh Maggert, Haley Etherington, and Daniel Everett were members of the State FFA Choir.

2014 Chapter Degree Recipients
2014 Chapter Degree Recipients

Chapter FFA Degree Recipients 

FFA members are given the opportunity to earn four degrees during their membership in the organization.  The first is the Greenhand Degree represented by a bronze pin.  Students were recognized that reached the second degree presented – the Chapter FFA Degree. 22 candidates met the minimum qualifications for this degree and were in attendance at the banquet to receive recognition.  The candidates were Emily Beal, Katie Bendickson, Skyler Chaney, Trent Church, Hannah Davis, Madeline Davis, Haley Etherington, Daniel Everett, Chase Fulghum, Kayden Gustin, Eliza Hershberger, Brad Jenkins, Kelsey Kirchner, Miranda Maggart, Haleigh Maggert, Stephanie Millhouse, Sydney Oakes, Levi Reid, Hunter Sharp, Seth Tamplin, Nathan Teeters, and Hannah Wilson.

Honorary Chapter Degree - Albert Gross
Honorary Chapter Degree – Albert Gross

Honorary Chapter FFA Degree

One of the premier goals of the FFA is to promote leadership among its students.  The Miami East FFA Chapter would not be able to do special projects without some very special people.  There was one individual recognized with the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree because of their involvement in the chapter’s grain rescue tube project – Mr. Albert Gross of Heritage Cooperative in Fletcher.

Proficiency Awards

Proficiency awards are designed to recognize the efforts of members who have outstanding Supervised Agricultural Experience programs and have keep accurate records.  Winners of the 2014 Chapter Proficiency Awards were:

2014 Chapter Proficiency Award Winners
2014 Chapter Proficiency Award Winners

Agricultural Communications – Lauren Williams, Agriculture Research – Olivia Edgell, Agricultural Sales – Andrew Kowalak, Breeding Beef Production – Hannah Davis, Beef Production – Entrepreneurship – Lindsey Roeth, Beef Production – Placement – Daniel Bodenmiller, Equine Management – Madeline Davis, Forage Production – Kolin Bendickson, Forestry – Tanner Church, Forestry – Katie Bendickson, Goat Production – Emily Beal, Grain Production – Placement – Austin Rush, Home and/or Community Development – Nathan Teeters, Organic Agriculture – Kayden Gustin, Turkey Production – Allyson Supinger, Market Chickens Production – Riann Kingrey, Small Animal Production – Andrew Kowalak, Small Animal Care – Kelsey Kirchner, Specialty Crop – Miranda Maggart, Specialty Crop – Lauren Williams, and Swine Production – Kelly Rindler.

Additional Awards 

Quality Supervised Agriculture Experience Programs are based on accurate record keeping and perfected record books.  Students with outstanding record books in each of the classes were       Freshman – Katie Bodenmiller, Sophomore – Stephanie Millhouse, Junior – Cody Reid and Senior – Lauren Williams.

High scholastics are an important part of each high school student’s life.  Results of the students with the highest academic records in their entire high school career include Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources – Lorenza Savini, Animal Science – Madeline Davis, Business Management – Junior  – Casey Copeland, and Business Management – Senior – Kelly Rindler.

Emily Beal, Hunter Sharp, Kelsey Kirchner, Colin Hawes, Andrew Kowalak, Kira Cron, Eliza Hershberger, Hannah Davis, Rebekah Eidemiller, and Casey Copeland were recognized for selling over $1,000.00 worth of fruit during the chapter’s fruit sales. Emily Beal was the highest selling fruit sales person.

2014 State Degree Recipients
2014 State Degree Recipients

State FFA Degree Recipients

The State FFA Degree is the highest degree received in the state.  About 2% of the state’s FFA membership earns their State Degree.  In May eight members of the Miami East FFA Chapter will receive the State FFA Degree.  Tanner Church, Madeline Davis, Colin Gump, Grant Hodge, Andrew Kowalak, Cody Reid, Austin Rush, and Lauren Williams were recognized.

American FFA Degree Recipients

The American FFA Degree is the highest degree for a member to receive in the National FFA Organization. This degree will be bestowed upon one member at the upcoming National FFA Convention. Graduate Emily Johnson will receive her degree in October in Louisville.

Additional Awards 

Star Greenhand was Colton Kowalak, Blue and Gold Spirit Award was Kelly Rindler, Excellence in Agriculture Award was Lindsey Roeth, Achievement Award was Rebekah Eidemiller, Star in Placement was Colin Hawes, Star Chapter in Agribusiness was Lauren Williams, Star Chapter Farmer was Kolin Bendickson, and the Star Chapter Leader was Kendra Beckman.

Chapter Officers Installed

The 2014-15 Miami East FFA Chapter Officers were installed.  They are as follows: Historian Hunter Sharp, Chaplain Nathan Teeters, Sentinel Katie Bendickson, Student Advisor Riann Kingrey, Reporter Casey Copeland, Treasurer Kelsey Kirchner, Secretary Emily Beal, Vice President Madeline Davis, and President Olivia Edgell.

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