We’re baa…baa…baa…back: Pygmy goats

I owned, showed and raised pygmy goats for about eight years until about two years ago when I needed a break. I decided to cut back and sell all my goats to avoid cleaning goat stalls and making constant calls to my veterinarian.

The first several years of breeding goats went very smoothly for me, but as with raising any type of livestock, my luck ran out. My last couple of years owning goats were filled with injured goats, false alarm pregnancies and many visits to the veterinarian.

The fun was gone so I sold all my goats. Now a few years later, I’ve had a break and some rest, and I started to miss my goats.

I was still helping friends with their kiddings so I stayed well informed about the pygmy goat community during my time away from goats. This spring seemed like the perfect time to jump back in and buy a FEW pets for breeding.

I’m starting small and I intend to stay small. I only want to own one buck and just four does. Of course, as babies are born and older does need to be replaced, my numbers will be elevated from time to time, but my goal is to have no more than seven permanent goat residents.

Readers of this blog will have all things goats at their finger tips as I once again begin my goat journey. Our first kids will be born in the late fall of 2014. This blog will certainly cover the event.


  1. I’m looking for 2 pgymy goats for my girls to show at the stark county fair can u help me?

  2. I am looking to buy 2 female babies. I live in Cardington Ohio. Any suggestions

  3. I am looking to buy pygmy kids, do you have any or suggestions
    On where i could look.

  4. We are desperately searching for pygmy does for sale in ohio. We had a barn fire last Sunday and lost the kids 4h projects. Need 2 does born in 2017. Please let me know if anyone has any. Thanks

  5. I am looking for two pygmy babies or Nigerian dwarfs of either sex for Forever Pets. I’ve owned pygmies in the past and have since moved the tri-state area and want to get back into them. I definitely want two as they will have each other. Am not interested in breeding, so registered goats are not priority.
    Please help my husband and I find contacts or resources in our area

  6. I’m looking for two pygmy goats for pets. If so please let me know. Thank you for your time. I would like to have doe’s.

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