This is a view I hope to see more often this summer since it seems like I have finally found a couple of trustworthy mini horses that work for me.

At what point does determination become stupidity?

For the past four years, I’ve been working toward the possession of several quiet and experienced miniature driving horses so I can hook teams and larger hitches at home and at my fair.

I have always dreamed of owning and showing a team of draft horses, but after owning my draft mare for a short time, it became apparent that neither my wallet nor my muscles were up to the task of owning and showing a team of draft horses. I kept my draft mare, but I didn’t try to find her a teammate. Despite not purchasing another draft horse, I didn’t give up on my dream; I just tweaked it a little and started searching for cheaper and easier to harness and care for miniature hitch horses.

I never thought that after four years I would have run through multiple teams and single driving horses trying to find just the right horses for me. I’ve been drug and run off with more times than I can count. None of the horses I previously owned were terrible, and I’m certain they will all find homes that work for them, but I needed some miniature horses that were steady and already trained and ready to go for a novice driver. I don’t have a lot of extra time, money or driving knowledge to invest in training.

Last year, I purchased a team named Nick and Sam. Despite a couple of somewhat minor problems that were the result of these guys testing me a little, they have worked out rather well. I was so encouraged that I decided to buy an additional team so my husband would also have a team to drive. I was also secretly hoping that I could persuade some more experienced drivers to enter my geldings in the larger hitch classes at the fair. My secret wish was to enter the four-horse hitch class. With the purchase of the additional team, I had my goal in sight.

Unfortunately, only one horse of the most recent team purchase worked out. The other horse seemed to believe that I represented evil and ran from me and among other things offered me a double-barreled salute with his hind legs. I don’t take kindly to kicking so I found him a home with experienced miniature horse handlers that knew about his issues. Now that I’m back down to three miniature horses,  I often wonder where to go from here.

I’m a determined person. I set goals and I chip away at them until I meet them. I’m starting to think though that the good Lord is trying to tell me that I should be grateful for Nick and Sam and the newest addition John and cut my losses. When safety and sanity are on the line, it seems that is the point where determination becomes stupidity.

Although Nick can be a little goofy at times, he is still one of the geldings that I own that I can thankfully manage and drive easily.
Although Nick can be a little goofy at times, he is still one of the geldings that I own that I can thankfully manage and drive easily.

I think I’ll be grateful for the boys I have and that I can drive them well and focus my determination on smaller but still very challenging hitches like learning to drive a tandem hitch. That is certainly sure to still be filled with excitement and folly. Hopefully, this new goal doesn’t also veer toward stupidity this summer.

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