Feeding Farmers Week #3 – Hintz Farms, Fairfield County

The week three winner of Feeding Farmers in the Field, courtesy of AgriGold, was Hintz Farms of Fairfield County. The family farm, based just southeast of Lancaster, is run by John Hintz and includes production of corn, soybeans, and wheat.

The Ohio Ag Net team and representatives of AgriGold brought lunch for the large crowd of family and friends. Dale Minyo also did his midday broadcast from the farm.

Commenting on the crops year so far, John said the corn had too much water early in the season and it has been holding them back the entire spring. However, he is cautious to complain about the rain too much, saying they’ll need it come August. The operation is almost done with planting and has some ground that was planned to be put to corn, but, because of moisture, they may turn to prevented planting instead.

One of the farm’s highlights is their brand new Kinze Planter, which they just received a couple months ago. John went to “Kinze School” for training on the new piece of equipment and put it on display for the day to show visitors the machine’s innovative and groundbreaking technology.

The operation didn’t remain untouched by Tuesday evening’s storms that rolled through the southern half of the state. Hintz said some of his wheat was knocked down by high winds, but was fine for the most part.

John thinks the wheat is coming on strong and expects for it to be ready to go by the beginning of July, possibly the end of June. He does plan on double-cropping those fields.

Below are pictures from the third week of Feeding Farmers in the Field. Dale Minyo took a moment to speak with John about the farm. You can watch that video here.

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for a chance to have free lunch and Dale Minyo do his midday broadcast from your farm.

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